Battle_of_Endor.jpgThe year is 3 ABY. The Emperor and Darth Vader have just been struck down in battle, and the galaxy is in sheer chaos.

The Empire, bereft of strong central leadership, is in the process of shattering into rival factions but still has the Core Worlds on lock down. They have blockaded the major hyperspace lanes, simultaneously crippling the Core Worlds economically but stemming the tide of rebellion. The shipyards are under full military blockade, and the training centers are being pushed to the limit with new Stormtrooper conscripts

The Rebellion has rebranded as the New Republic, and is waging guerilla warfare on Core World planets while its fleets attempt to rally Outer Rim and Mid-Rim support. Outlying areas such as Bothan Space and the Mon Calamari have thrown in with the New Republic, and outlying worlds that have long felt oppressed have taken the opportunity to push against Imperial control.

The Underworld has seen a seismic shift in the last few years. Prince Xizor of the Black Sun and Jabba the Hutt have both fallen in the last 5 years, causing a power vacuum amongst the underworld factions. There is a merciless and cut-throat competition on to secure territory and become the next galactic Crime Lord, and it’s wars are spilling into the galaxy at large. Pirate raids, shipments being sabotaged, and governments being extorted have become common place events.

In this galaxy, a small group of individuals – recruited and trained by the Empire but now on their own – is attempting to survive in a hostile environment, despised by the Rebels for being Imperials, loathed by the Empire for deserting, and hated by the pirate factions for years of Imperial restrictions on their activities.

With only their wits, some out-dated but servicable gear, and the whims of fate at their command, they set forth to make their mark on a galaxy. But perhaps the Force has other plans for the crew set in motion…

Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

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