Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 33: Mothers Dearest

As the protagonists limped away from Arkania, they plotted a hyperspace route to Kuat, skirting the major trade routes and hyper lanes, eventually coming to a place very familiar to Jhorin and Windham: Commenor.

Stopping over at Imperial-controlled Commenor to resupply – and eager to avoid their mutual father – Commandant Alaric Blackwood – and respective mothers, they attempted to keep under cover and leave ASAP. Things did not go as planned.

Both Windham and Jhorin were contacted by their respective mothers, and left to make a rendevous, leaving Bando at the ship to make more repairs and work on his droids in what he thought was relative peace..

Windham met with his mother Amelia at their family’s palatial penthouse apartment. Amelia was thrilled to meet her son, confident in that the bounties were just part of a military cover story and icily inquiring about the Unfortunate Mistake, aka Jinx. Hexx was nervous the entire time expecting an ISB trap, but instead was greeted by a mother seemingly fallen deep into neurosis – the apartment was spotless but unchanged in almost a decade, and everything in his room exactly how he left it. As he attempted to disengage from his mother’s increasingly drunken lines of questioning and invites to dinner at 7, he absconded with 4 sets of exceptionally expensive suits to sell for credits while she was busy finding the bottom of a Wyvern’s Reserve bottle.

Meanwhile, Jhorin was surprised to meet his mother Lira at a cafe, and proceeded to be thoroughly embarassed by his mother’s overtly sensual mode of conversation with strangers and brutal honesty in describing things and answering questions. Eventually Jhorin made way to depart, fleeing the scene of personal disgust without any answers he came for. His mother anticipated his escape attempt, and invited him and his friends over for dinner at 7:30, which Jhorin accepted.

Back at the ship, Jinx and Hexx discussed their respective family gatherings while Morag and Bando snuck into Hexx’s room and stole 3 of the suits to investigate their construction and worth. They discovered both Hexx’s dogged pursuit of the suits and also the energy-resistant properties of the biometrically encoded suits of high fashion.

Eventually Hexx and Jinx left for the dinner, taking a dressed up Morag and Jasmine as dates, and left Bando to his own on the ship. Bando’s peace and quiet was frequently disrupted by one of the Jedi younglings that kept following him around. Throwing him some droid parts to keep him busy, Bando’s curiousity was piqued as the youngling quickly reassembled the parts in a unique but functional design, seemingly able to intuit how to work technology through either innate aptitude or some method of using the Force. Bando quickly put him to work helping install HK protocols into the non-functional H0-B0 droid.

At dinner, Hexx and Jinx were led through a rather unkempt part of town and through a ramshackle building before entering the sublevels – the outside’s decrepit front hid a pit of wild debauchery, with scantily clad “hostesses”, gambling tables, and a high end dining establishment where the rich and powerful of Commenor came for illicit thrills.

Meeting up with Lira and her companions, they enjoyed a rather tense meal, with Hexx constantly on guard and Jinx getting caught up in the moment, making a move on a highly attractive and highly receptive young lady that his mother brought to the dinner. Suddenly, Hexx noticed the final seat at the table was occupied. Expecting to see his father, he as shocked as he saw Miriam Tharadon sitting at the end of the table, and smiled into his drink as she was glaring at Jhorin. Noticing his brother’s expression change, Jhorin annoyingly looked at the end of the table and saw Miriam, his face freezing like a nerf in the headlights.


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