Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 18: Down We Go

The protagonists split the party, with Jinx and Hexx exploring the corridor down the shield generator and Bando & Castus went to investigate the AT-TE.

Exploring the staircase down, Jinx and Hexx discovered a deep underground bunker – with the door unlocked and battered. Exploring the bunker, they discovered the remains of a vicious battle, with multiple dead Imperials littering the corridors.

In exploring one of the rooms, Jinx and Hexx came across 2 Interrogation Droids, which they handily and quickly dispatched, with Hexx unloading a clip into the Interrogation Droid. They came across the interrogation room, and it would appear to have been needless yet brutally effective interrogation techniques used on 5 lifeless bodies. The rest of the bunker was explored, with Jinx discovering that his command codes were ineffective, yet Hexx had sufficient codes to access the restricted corridors.

Further exploration lead to a command and control room…and an ambush by 3 more Interrogation Droids. Hexx was brutally assaulted by one of the droids, and his near-lifeless body hauled away by one of the droids. Jinx battled the remaining droids, unloading over a clip into the 3 droids and eventually rendering them inoperative.

Quickly applying a medpac to Hexx – whose armor was destroyed but barely kept him alive – they proceeded to investigate the main console. After some experimentation with the consoles and the R2 droid, they discovered a holo of the events.

There was an insurrection shortly after the Zsinj take over of Naboo, with an Imperial Captain named Javin Minara leading a coup against forces loyal to Moff Panaka. A vicious battle occurred, with both forces slowly evacuating the base, with Moff Panaka’s smaller force falling back through restricted corridors while Captain Minara’s forces secured the Imperial Hanger bay. Captain Minara activated 2 Droidekas from the Hanger bay and sent them after Moff Panaka’s group, who split into 2 teams to draw off the droids.

After copying as much of the data as possible, Jinx and Hexx left to explore the restricted area corridors…and ran into a semi-functional droideka. After a few tense exchanges of fire, the droideka was destroyed. Hexx left to investigate the small secret hanger at the end of the restricted tunnels, discovering a small, now empty hanger. Jinx explored the tunnel and discovered 6 Imperial army stormtroopers, being led by an aged Imperial captain.

Jinx was shot at initially, before explaining the situation to Captain Norin Kole and coming to the conclusion that the base needed immediate evacuation. As they left the base, the shield generator powered down and the base was beginning to be overwhelmed. They quickly escaped the base, as TIE bombers started leveling the base.

Hexx commed Bando, who informed them that they left with the gunship once the shield fell and were strategically withdrawing. With no other options, the survivors boarded the AT-TE, and Captain Kole began piloting the AT-TE away from the base into the mountains.

With Hexx manning the main cannon, they took out a TIE fighter trying to engage the AT-TE, and the survivors fled into the mountains around Deeja Peak as the main base erupted from the bombardment…and self-destruct initiated by Norin.


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