Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 22: Actions have Consequences

Interlude Chapter

The protagonists rested and regrouped following the Battle of Naboo, catching up with Tolwyn and getting the situation reports. Finding out they were relatively restricted to the ship for the time being, they elected to explore the ship. As they were all on the Outer Rim Confederacy’s wanted for questioning list for being an associate of Tolwyn, they explored Aban’s flagship incognito while they awaited word from the scouts on the planet.

Jinx reintegrated himself with life as a soldier – following orders, getting meals, and working all day repairing Starfighters – before finding a random empty room and falling fast asleep. Bando claimed a corner of the hangar bay for himself, and proceeded to work on droids until passing out in a hammock in the hangar bay. Seely explored the abandoned section of the Venator’s crew quarters where the Jedi were known to make their quarters, finding an abandoned yet functional holonet computer where she attempted to find out more information on the intervening years before falling asleep. Hexx attempted to recruit a few pilots of the Y Wings to take him back planetside, but was caught and captured. Upon interrogation, he gave his name as Bando Wyn, and proceeded to be stunned and taken to an interrogator and interrogation droid for questioning.

The protagonists were summoned in the morning by Captain Aban, including Hexx, where they explained that Aban’s Fleet Group 7 was, officially, stopping by Naboo for Rest and Relaxation when they were assaulted by Zsinj’s forces. As they were just defending themselves, they were not directly intervening with the Naboo war between the Rebel-backed Gungans and Zsinj-backed Humans, but were keeping a close eye on Keren. They also let the protagonists know both that they were sending a crew to the crater that was once Moenia to explore the area, and investigating a derelict ship on the other side of the system.

The protagonists split, with Seely and a reluctant Bando heading to Moenia to investigate the supposed vault, and Jinx and Hexx going to the derelict ship.

Seely and Bando explored the Vault, with Bando showing a mix of an unexpected acceptance of Seely’s Force abilities with utter contempt and derision for the Jedi. In the vault, they discovered that it was not the Emperor’s Vault, but rather a Hutt Cartel vault, ransacked and raided. The fried computer core did showcase some useful information: the vault was raided for information and items related to a Dr Vindi, whom Bando and Seely remembered as a Confederate rogue scientist working on a weaponized version of the Blue Shadow virus – a terrifying plague capable of wiping out entire planets in a matter of days.

Jinx and Hexx explored the derelect Consular-class cruiser. The ship was riddled with blaster marks and hull breaches, with no power or life signs present. Upon boarding the ship, Jinx powered up the engines on a minimal mode and discovered 3 dead bureacrats in the engine room – dead from vacuum exposure. Jinx headed to the bridge, passing more dead via vacuum bureacrats, and accessed the bridge. The captain and co-pilot were both dead, but seemed to have died from blaster fire rather than vacuum. Researching the missing salon pod, they were able to pull logs showing an assault by 12 TIEs of unknown configuration that decimated the ship. The TIEs captured the salon pod and all inhabitants, and pulled back to the Victory on planet. They did catch a call from them referencing to 2 captured packages.

The protagonists regrouped on Naboo, in a small villa in the mountains near Moenia. Seely immediately sensed a lingering dark side presence, and noticed Sith script along the monuments in the now-deserted villa belonging to the Emperor. Meeting at the villa with Captain Aban, Captain Kole and Lt. Kole, and Tolwyn, information was shared.

Hexx and Jinx relayed that the consular ship was heavily damaged and theories that the Naboo Queen and Moff Panaka were captured, but also that they had Morag start the process of towing it back for repairs. Seely and Bando relayed that the vault belonged to the Hutts, and that they were looking for Dr Vindi and most likely the Blue Shadow Virus. The Koles relayed information regarding the issue with finding the villa – which Seely thought was a Dark Side force mirage effect – but that they eventually discovered it. Aban relayed that they intercepted 2 communications – one of which had Patren Elrood communicating with the TIEs that took out the consular vessel and showing an apparent collusion with Zsinj’s forces. Tolwyn then showed a captured message between a dark cloaked human and Boss Zast, where it was revealed that Zast set the ambush at his storehouse to remove a Hutt rival on Naboo and used the weapons provided by the antagonists to throw blame on the Imperials, inadvertently starting a civil war that exceeded Zast’s hopes. Zast informed the dark cloaked figure that with the peace-loving Bosses dead, he would press to remove all the Naboo interlopers from the planet and would hold up his end of the bargain.

And with that, Tolwyn smashed the holocommunicator and the protagonists sat in stunned silence, as they realized their unwitting role in causing the strife on Naboo


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