Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 24: The Stowaway, the Grump, and the Elevator

As the protagonists were preparing to leave Keren, they each resolved certain loose ends on the planet and prepared to depart for a planet in the Unknown regions known as Ilum at the request of Seely.

Prior to departure, the protagonists all found a gift left to them from their friends and associates. Bando had a compartment full of droid parts – and a working, if bare bones, Probot – delivered to the ship complements of Tolwyn. Seely found a fitted and armored Jedi robe – similar to her garb during the Clone Wars – left to her by Norin Kole. Hexx found a package from Tolwyn in the pilot’s seat – an outfit of fine Alderaanian make, and a very finely crafted Shimmersilk cloak with a few extra hidden pockets. Jinx had a package delivered complements of Alwyn containing an old and obviously worn set of ARC trooper armor.

They departed Naboo with their crew consisting of Droids, Athen manning the cannons, Morag monitoring comms, and Jasmine in the Co-Pilot seat. And, without their knowledge, a young smuggler hidden in the cargo hold!

As they leapt into hyperspace, Hexx called everyone to the crew lounge to discuss their options and what routes to take, young Trebor snuck out of the cargo hold and proceeded to explore the ship, helping himself to their stored food, hidden booze, and fairly well stocked armory while the rest of the crew debated their course of action. Bando stormed out of the crew lounge to go back to his droids as the rest of the ‘organics’ decided on their route, narrowly missing Trebor as he went back to his droid tinkering.

Trebor made his way to the bridge, where he was confronted by Seely and Jinx. Trebor used quick smuggler thinking to separate himself and Jinx from Seely by sending down the turbolift, while expertly avoiding Jinx’s attempts to strike him.

Trebor retreated from the situation to the armory to arm himself and barricaded the room while Jinx and Seely pursued him. After resisting Seely’s attempts to use the Force on him, he rendered the Jedi unconscious but was pinned down by Jinx. Hexx eventually arrived and defused the situation, putting Trebor to work on the ship as unpaid crew until they dropped him off.

The rest of the trip was rather long and uneventful. Avoiding combat zones, along with some poor astrogation plotting, turned a month long trip into a 3 month long trip. During this time, the crew slipped into patterns. Jasmine continually harassed Jinx, Athen proceeded to start heavily drinking, and Morag grew more attached to her tech than her fellow crew members. The protagonists suffered bouts of boredom and infighting, but avoided serious harm.

Upon arriving at Ord Mantell to refuel, they were struck by a strange and unnerving site: 2 fleets – 1 Imperial, 1 Rebellion – in orbit around Ord Mantell but not directly fighting. With their fuel supplies low but tensions high, they slowly approached Ord Mantell.


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