Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 29: The Storm Rages On

As the protagonists set forth repairing the base, they ran into a series of unfortunate events and made a few key discoveries.

Bando managed to eventually, with some assistance, get the generators dethawing…but ran into another issue of displaced water and where to store it, eventually settling on flooding the hanger and trying to drain it before it flash froze with limited success. End result: Power to the base with an unusable main Hangar. Bando also discovered that Jasmine and Morag sent the Probot droid down to relay information: the atmosphere was too hostile to land their ship, communications were not going through, and they were unable to determine if they were even alive. Worst of all, they discovered that Morag and Jasmine were going to depart the system in 30 days if they did not hear from anyone to refuel and resupply.

Jinx and Hexx went to repair a sensor relay dish that was damaged on the top of the plateau. With the sensors online, Ridu was able to get a partial scan of the planet and the storm…enough to know the upper atmosphere was more intense than ground level, the storm was increasing in size, and there was more atmospheric anomolies than he could catalog with the limited resources.

While they were fixing the comm relay, Hexx convinced Ridu and the stormtroopers to switch gears from clearing out a rubble-strewn passageway to going through a solid metal blastdoor blocking another path. When they arrived back in the base, battered and tired but ultimately successful, Hexx discovered that they were able to bore a hole through the metal in the hour they were gone. Exploring the new section, he uncovered a sight for sore eyes: 2 battered and busted ships, one a small dagger-looking ship, and another familiar LAAT gunship modified for limited low orbit flying.

With both ships in need of repairs, Hexx elected to work on the small starfighter to hopefully break atmosphere and rendevous with the ship. With time running out, they pored efforts into repairing the ship and hope to get a message out to the ship.


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