Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 31: Life in the Hyperlanes

Leaving Ilum and the CEDF cruiser behind, the protagonists left into Hyperspace, heading towards the Core Worlds and Naboo.

Electing to take the fastest way possible, Hexx followed the Hydian Way to Brentaal, intending to head further down to Corellia. Unfortunately, they ran into a snag.

Pulled out of Hyperspace abruptly, Hexx found himself in the middle of the Brentaal system, with his sensors showing him in the middle of a gravity well. Setting a course to escape the well, the ship was rocked by repeat ionic barrages from unknown sources.

Investigating the sources closely, Bando and Jinx donned their clone suits and traversed open space to find the source. They discovered they were exceptionally small micromines using an ionic pulse barrage developed by Separatists during the Clone Wars. Bando was able to put the mine in a temporary lock out/reset cycle, but Hexx noticed another complication: an approaching squad of Xwings.

Recalling Bando and Jinx, Hexx piloted the ship out of the minefield, with a few close calls. Quickly piloting a jump, Bando convinced Hexx to head to xenophobic Arkania to shake the Xwings.

Upon arriving at the Arkanidan system, Bando contacted the spaceport and arranged a discreet landing. As they approached the system, with a scavenged and failing life support and engine systems and nonfunctioning shields and weapons, the Xwings appeared in hot pursuit..only to be met by a scrambled wing of Arkanian starfighters.

With the Xwings in retreat, they landed in Arkania to make some much needed repairs.


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