Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 40: A Returned Frenemy

As the protagonists rescued Tolwyn, joined up with Alwyn, and took their ship on their shake down cruise, a previous associate of theirs was planning an escape of his own.

Having been pressed into service again, Trebor saw first hand the dark side of the Rebellion – ships were purposefully built without hyperdrives to keep pilots dependent on a home ship and discourage deserters, soldiers were treated as expendable with a high degree of acceptable loss, and any civilian doing business with the Empire or the Warlords was an enemy combatant.

As his fleet met to discuss battle strategy with other Rebellion fleets – which were not too enamored with his commander’s strategies – at the planet Ithor, Trebor went AWOL. Spending all his remaining credits, he secured passage to a derelict junkyard in the Ithorrian system not on the standard lists. Spending 10 days in the junkyard, he managed to repair an old Aethersprite fighter just enough to travel to the last known location of the only other people he knew he could somewhat trust – Christophsis.

Arriving at Christophsis, Trebor made contact with an old associate of the protagonists – Strahn. Strahn bankrolled Trebor’s flight to Alwyn’s station, with the condition that Trebor deliver a dataspike to the protagonists ship. Reluctantly agreeing to the deal with little intent to complete it, Trebor was shipped off to Alwyn’s station.

Arriving at the station and storing his Aethersprite, Trebor met back up with the protagonists as they were finishing installing a galley in their Vanguard. Coming clean with the deal he made with Strahn, Trebor gave the data spike to Hexx, who left to board a Venator class ship to utilize the spike. Meanwhile Bando and Jinx discussed Trebor’s ship, realizing it was far more valuable than he realized.

On board a Venator, Hexx played the data spike. Expecting to see a malicious hack, he was instead greeted by a message from Strahn. In the message, Strahn warned them to not take Alwyn at face value – his goals may not be entirely altruistic – and that the protagonists should be wary if Alwyn began mentioning “the long journey ahead”, as that referenced a particularly part of his plan that Strahn had large misgivings. He also dropped a comm frequency that could be used to contact him in case of emergency.

Returning from the Venator, Hexx delivered his news from Strahn to bickering crew mats, with Bando enraged and Jinx in awe of the history of the Aethersprite. As Bando examined it more closely, he realized that he was intimately familiar with it – he was the last technician to service the ship – and he was starkly reminded of his past service to the Jedi. As it was relayed, Jinx became enamored with the ship, offering 20, 40, or even 60 thousand credits to Trebor for the ship as in. As Trebor turned them down, wanting to keep his ship, Tolwyn contacted the crew to meet up and discuss the events of the evening.

As they met with Tolwyn, Jinx and Bando snuck off to meet with Kantor, inquiring about the Jedi ship and Jinx’s nascent Force use. Kantor gave blatantly false information to Bando to get him to leave, and gave circular words of wisdom to Jinx regarding his developing Force abilities. When they finally met with Tolwyn – who was tinkering with explosives – he informed them that in 3 hours, Alwyn’s war council would be meeting and they would have their pick of assignments. With time being precious and departures eminent, they were given time to prep the ship and prepare to leave.

Instead of preparing, the protagonists went to the bar and drank for 2 hours, with Bando getting drunk and picking a fight with Jinx before passing out and being carried back to his ship by HK Droids. Trebor, Jinx and Hexx then left to go to the meeting to choose an assignment before one was handed to them.

After listening to the plans by each of the 4 war council members, they were left with a choice to make. Alwyn had a plan to gather up Alderaanian citizens, DNA of native Flora and Fauna of Alderaan, and a cloning facility to restore them. Kantor was tasked with security detail and cleaning up the Outer Rim Confederacy splinter cells, eliminating, rescuing, or flipping assets to ensure Alwyn’s place was not compromised. Tolwyn and Aban had similar goals – Tolwyn was to help bloodily liberate Corellia for the Rebels to keep them distracted while Aban was to help the Empire break the Brentaal blockade and capture the shipyard.

After little deliberation, the protagonists elected to support Kantor’s goal. Marshalling their forces, they prepped to leave for Kantor’s Venator flagship – the Endurance – within the hour. When they arrived at the ship, they spoke to Ridu regarding their plans. Ridu voiced concerns about Kantor’s moral flexibility in regards to the Force, and asked that if the protagonists were in an area that Ridu and Jyren knew contained Jedi artifacts, that the protagonists obtain them for the Jedi and not let Kantor know.

With opportunities for a double cross available, the crew flew to the Venator, where they were unprepared for the site of a fully loaded Venator command ship prepare to depart. Bando was overwhelmed by the stimuli of the ship being so closely crewed according to Clone Wars standards that he flew into a rage. The results of the disturbance was Hexx spending a day in the brig and getting an admonishment from Kantor involving a Force Choke, Bando getting critically injured by another mechanic and spending 2 days in bacta, Trebor frying his ships electronics as he tried to repair them, and Jinx meeting up with other Force-sensitive individuals on board the ship.

As Hexx realized the scope of their mission – the quartermaster was able to replicate 16 types of Stormtrooper gear, 4 types of common Rebel gear, Outer Rim Confederacy gear, and Zsinj’s Raptor gear – the ship arrived at a stop over planet, where they saw another 50 starfighters joining up with Kantor’s ship and a familiar site off the bow: the Wandering Hunter.


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