Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 43: Unpleasant Rain

On Coruscant, Bando, Jinx and Nahdea went to ground and attempted to gain ground on Kantor’s assault team before arrival. Bando cut a deal with Jasmine and obtained transport on a Y Wing to Coruscant to meet up with Jinx and Bando after hearing from Jasmine on the Queen’s location.

As leads regarding Panaka and the Queen were in motion, Bando and Nahdea infiltrated a subsector of Coruscant that was affiliated with the old Jedi Temple to raid it for items – Bando to sell on the black market, Nahdea for information on Jedi lore, and Jinx to do a favor for Ridu.

Using subterfuge and artfully applied force, Bando and Nahdea left with a small stash of holocrons and some sort of ancient device. Heading back to their safehouse, they stashed their loot from the Jedi temple and began performing recon on the 10 locations they were able to identify – all hospitals affiliated with Naboo.

As Hexx arrived on Coruscant and met up with Bando and Jinx at the hospital, he was immediately stunned by both of them. Jinx and Bando took him into the hospital for “assistance”, and attempted to locate the Queen.

After Hexx was admitted under the name of Tolwyn Kincaid, he woke up in an interrogation room. As he saw in the darkened room the bright light and whirling sounds reminiscent of an Interrogator Droid, he cracked and told his captors everything. As the lights turned on, he found himself face to face with a bemused Panaka. As he was being released by Panaka, the hospital shook as it was being bombed.

As Jinx was assisting with the wounded, he noticed one nurse was directing both nurses and doctors with a commanding aura, quickly determining he may have found the incognito Queen of Naboo.

As they evacuated the hospital – discovering that it was a children’s hospital serving predominantly Alderaanian children – they found themselves assaulted by heavily armed jet pack troopers. Taking heavy damage, they managed to escape the hospital to the Queen’s personal hangar and plotted their escape from Coruscant.


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