Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 47: A Moment Too Late

As the Kismet traveled to Ord Mantell, Jinx and Bando recuperated in the Kolto tank from their wounds, and the cargo was sorted and indexed.

As Bando came out of the Kolto, he met with Re’na to discuss their mystery cargo. Re’na informed him that she managed to open the crates, and disclosed it was the spice known as Muon Gold. She further informed him that the spice looks to have been belonged to a Hutt Cartel, and that they would need to be careful in unloading it. She also gave informed Bando that she purchased the remaining amount of Kolto the traders had at Blackwater, and gave him 1,000 credits for her earning her berth for the time being.

Knowing they had illegal spice on board, but not wanting to alarm the more law-abiding crew, Bando made plans to unload the spice at a discounted rate on Ord Mantell to quickly turn a profit . As they arrived, Bando, Jinx, and Hexx went off to try to obtain the remaining stores. Struck at both the high prices and their frustrating lack of bargaining skills, they did not have much initial luck.

Hexx took Ryo’s list to the markets, and was struck at how expensive their dining experiences were going to cost. He discussed the situation with Ryo, and she grudgingly provided a less expensive list that he was able to procure after getting the funds from a tight-fisted Bando. Jinx had better luck with obtaining a hyperdrive, chipping in some funds from his personal account to purchase a used x1 Nubian hyperdrive rather than a standard TaggeCo x1 hyperdrive. Bando decided to stay at the ship and helped install some of the newer components in their 3 day window on Ord Mantell.

As Bando met with Re’na – who managed to unload their Spice shipment and gave him his cut – B1-EX took it upon himself to install the Separatist model Turbolaser much to Bando’s chagrin. As Jinx and Hexx returned, they set to work installing the rest of the ship components. With as much of the ship completed as possible after 3 days, they left for Dantooine.

They arrived at a familiar but sickening site – the Imperial garrison base and it’s surroundings were destroyed and wrecked. Investigating the garrison, they discovered that the base was rocked by both an Orbital bombardment and a land assault by what they deduced were AT-ATs based on firing patterns and track marks. They investigated all the buildings on the base, discovering that the base was using electrified Bacta to interrogate prisoners, but they were unable to discover who was being interrogated except that one of the prisoners wrote the refrain “One with the Force, and the Force is with me” repeatedly in their cell.

The investigation did yield 3 additional pieces of information – the artifact they were looking for was stolen by force from a buried vault less than 3 days ago, they were able to obtain a weapons locker with 50 thermal detonators, and they were able to rescue 9 cadets that were holed up in the ruined shield generator to protect themselves from ambient radiation from the bombardment.

As they were leaving Dantooine, they were beset by an Imperial Star Destroyer emerging in system. Evading and absorbing the damage from the TIE fighters, the Kismet made the decision to surrendering after a skipray blastboat arrived in the fight.

They were tractored into the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer, and were informed they would be taken to a planet known as Bastion.


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