Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 49: A Bumpy Ride

Boarding the Marauder Corvette, later discovered to be called “Citadel”, the protagonists were struck by the state of disrepair of the ship. The hull looked battered and combat scarred, the crew was feverishly working to repair multiple power conduits and sub systems, and the crew seemed to be far less disciplined than the Imperial crews they were expecting to deal with on their voyage.

Settling in rather roughly, the protagonists met the captain of the ship – Zannah Bellanor – who gruffly informed them that they would be departing as soon as the rest of the entourage hitching a ride docked on their ship. Explaining that they were dropping them off at Kuat, the captain highlighted the route they were taking and the rules of the ship before unceremoniously dismissing them to carry about whatever it is they wanted to do. Bando investigated the hangar, learning that they were unable to get solid sensor readings from the hangar, leading him to postulate that they were set up in a hangar with smuggler compartment setups.

The rest of the diplomatic attaches arrived shortly after, along with a “guard” of 10 cadets. The ship quickly went into hyperspace, and their journey began.

The leader of the diplomatic group introduced herself as Lt. Tamren Feign, and gave out introductions to the rest of the team. Bando deciphered that 3 of the 5 individuals were non-government in allegiance, all belonging to the trading company Empyrean Way based off Bastion. After getting Tamren’s take on the negotiations and how it was to be set up, the crew headed back to their ship to rest; however, since the hangar had periodic and random bouts of losing artificial gravity, they did not sleep restfully.

Arriving at their first stop – a space station shadowport in the Cademimu sector known as the Bazarre – the protagonists explored the space station. Bando and Hexx attempted to find a faster set of sublight engines, but had little luck. They lost one hour attempting to navigate the more complicated and arcane social nuances of the Cademimu people, and when they did find the buyer they were too late. The merchant had just sold his last set of engines – a black market military grade thruster package – about 30 minutes before, and refused to give the buyer’s name out of professional pride. Jinx had better luck in his more selfish pursuits, finding and purchasing a set of customized blaster pistols and an ammo belt and some other sundry goods. They met up again with Captain Bellanor and her crew, and boarded the ship to leave the station, after stopping at a hangar and picking up the purchases Captain Bellanor made while on station.

After their shopping excursion was complete, the ship went to lightspeed again – Hexx once again noted the exceptionally smooth transition to hyperspace the ship was making in spite of the ship’s state of disrepair – and they settled in for a trip to Coruscant to drop off one of the attache’s at Coruscant. After a brief few hours of panic where they thought B1-EX wandered off, they found him in the freighter’s makeshift target range with a few of the Citadel’s crew, shooting targets and swapping stories.

The protagonists split up during the short journey to Coruscant – far shorter than Bando thought normal – and explored the ship at their own leisure. Hexx met with one of the attaches in the Citadel’s starboard hangar bay upon a request, and spent the better part of the day examining the purchases – 3 skipray blastboats – and conversing and sharing stories with the pilots. He quickly determined that they did not have Imperial military training, and their behaviors and actions seemed more in line with typical Rebel or Pirate experience. Jinx met up with Lt. (J.G.) Camilla Casilda and the band of cadets from Dantooine in a larger cargo bay that they converted to a training site. Jinx took command of the cadets and attempted to drill them in Imperial Stormtrooper tactics, picking up a few of their eccentric behaviors in return. Bando tried to examine the odd configuration of the engine and the ship’s systems, but was rudely rebuffed by the Mon Calamari Chief Engineer before being summoned by Captain Bellanor. After a now-customary exchange of insults and rude pleasantries, Captain Bellanor offered Bando a deal: if his crew and ship would assist the Citadel in an off-books mission at a location in the Deep Core, she would provide to him arms, armor, and a set of sublight engines for his ship. Bando admired her tactics – assuming the armor and arms were confiscated from his ship at Dantooine, and she was the mysterious buyer of the last set of sublight engines – and agreed to undertake the mission as long as it did not affect their time table.

That evening, as Bando attempted to explain to Hexx and Jinx their side mission, he ran into some issues. After explaining the mission to Hexx, they both attempted to track down Jinx with little success as he was being profoundly unhelpful. They eventually found the cargo hold/training facility, and Hexx barged in after Bando sliced the door. Hexx was promptly knocked unconscious by a stun field emitted by the rigged door, much to Jinx’s amusement. Bando then walked in over Hexx’s twitching and unconscious body to address Jinx and the cadets. Before he could confront Jinx, he was baited into an altercation by one of the cadets. Responding in a typical Cademimu fashion, Bando attempted to punch the cadet, but failed spectacularily as the cadet managed to render him unconscious via a broken jaw before he could land his punch. Taking Bando to the ship’s kolto tank and discussing with Hexx, Jinx was informed of the side mission and their needed preparations for after arriving at Coruscant the next evening.

The following day was spent by Hexx going over the ship and preparing it for combat, Bando in a kolto tank recovering from his injury, and Jinx spending more time with the cadets. He was pleasantly surprised to see them change up the cargo hold to an obstacle/endurance course, and spent most of the day with the cadets as they took turns attempting to complete the course with little success.

As the ship arrived in Coruscant, another attache boarded a shuttle and left for Coruscant. With no one else disembarking to visit Coruscant, the ship leapt back into hyperspace towards a secret Imperial research station in the Deep Core.


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