Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 56: As You Wish

After meeting back up with Fiar – uncharacteristically dressed in dark hooded robes and given a wide berth by the native populace – Jinx proceeded to drown his sorrows with more booze as they all awaited the meeting with the Grand Moff.

Eventually summoned by Undermoff Antilles, the protagonists were lead to a meeting with the Grand Moff. While in transit, the Undermoff made mention of her political standing being compromised by the protagonists’ actions and Naboo as a leading cause of her inability to provide further assistance to the Queen.

During the meeting with the Grand Moff, the protagonists got the lay of the land from the highest ranking individual in the Pentastar Alignment. With their fleet of capital ships depleted from combat with Warlords, depletion from combat, and losing the recruiting efforts, the Grand Moff was unflinching in delivering a rather blunt assessment of the Pentastar’s military. The Grand Moff also dropped mention of a new starfighter initiative, and was adamant yet vague on the Pentastar using Rebel-affiliated starfighters. As the meal concluded, the Grand Moff pitched a proposal to the protagonists: in addition for assistance on off-books missions, he would be able to offer another alternative to resettlement outside of Dantooine and Borosk. With the offer made, the Grand Moff left the meal and the protagonists to debate, which ending in Jinx’s arrest.

The following morning, an emergency meeting of the Moff Council was held to determine the settlement of Naboo. With the Queen giving her blessing for the protagonists to look for alternatives, as both Dantooine and Borosk were rather unpalatable, Jinx reached out to Undermoff Antilles. In exchange for owing her some additional favors, the Undermoff agreed to implement the Grand Moff’s resettlement plan. With a quick vote called after the afternoon break ended – and the arrival of 2 additional handmaidens to the Naboo Queen, the Naboo people were officially settled onto the Pentastar Alignment planet of Vykos. As the protagonists left, Bando noticed the identify of one of the handmaidens: Tamren Feign.

With the settlement underway, and their ship being refitted in the Bastion spacedocks, Jinx had a series of individuals interrupt his evening meal. First, he was interrupted by the arrival of a handmaiden, who revealed herself to be Morag. Morag, after insinuating Hexx may not be as dead as Jinx believed, let Jinx know that strange tidings were happening in the Core, and to be careful – owing the Grand Moff favors was a dangerous game. As she left, and before he could bite into his steak, Jinx received another call on his holo: Alwyn Sirana.

Jinx had a tense holocall with Alwyn, giving and receiving barbs regarding the Outer Rim Confederacy Fleet, the actions of “Kantor” and his apparent duplicates, the Alderaanian orphanages, and the fate of Miriam. As Alwyn concluded the call, he wished Jinx the best of luck, and asked that if he came across any information or genetic material of any of the "Kantor"s out there to pass along the information to Alwyn. Alwyn’s final reminded rattled Jinx a bit, as Alwyn left with the cryptic note that Jinx should remember who his friends are…and who has always dealt straight with him. With his appetite gone, Jinx shoved away the steak and departed the restaurant.

Waking up early the next day, the protagonists started the preparations to leave Bastion. Before departing Bastion for the ship, Jinx received a call from the Undermoff – a mysterious benefactor had paid off his monetary debt of over 22 million credits in full.


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