Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 58: I Shouldn’t Have Said That…

As the protagonists arrived in the Corellia system, Bando did a system scan out of a sense of paranoia. The results of the scan – Corellia being thoroughly blockaded by Rebellion forces – led the protagonists to determine that the Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus were their best bet for a rather low key approach.

Approaching the Double Worlds, they spotted a small Imperial fleet – a Victory Star Destroyer and 2 Carrack-class cruisers – at Centerpoint station, and promptly disabled their transponder. Claiming battle damage (and paying a decent bribe), they landed in the spaceport on Talus. Summoning emergency medical services as they landed, Jinx and Bando accompanied their Imperial contact to the hospital and put Camilla in charge of the ship.

At the hospital, Jinx quickly had to think of an alias and a cover story for the Imperial contact. Spinning a rather unbelievable and soft cover, Bando admonished Jinx and had him contact Morag to create cover identification – if she was targeted by assassins once, she may be targeted again. Bando elected to remain behind to guard the admiral while Jinx headed back to the ship after a few hours to check in. While at the ship, he received a disconcerting message from Undermoff Antilles: henceforth, Jinx was barred from entering the Pentastar Alignment due to an ongoing investigation into treasonous actions. Reviewing the message’s attachment, Jinx saw surveillance of an individual looking identical to himself arrive in the Pentastar Alignment, make his way to Bastion and Miriam’s apartment, and attempt to assassinate Miriam. With the assassination attempt failing due to the intervention of the High Inquisitor, the Pentastar Alignment had enacted Bastion protocols and used their fleet to seal the border, cutting off trade and communications outside the Pentastar Alignment.

At the ship, Fiar wasted no time sneaking off the ship into the city, tailing Ciri and B1-Ex as they left on a supply run. Quickly spotted by B1-Ex, Fiar was invited to join the group as they went shopping for supplies with Jinx’s bank account in hand. Purchasing weapons, food, fuel, and medical supplies, the group headed back to the ship, over 100,000 credits less in the bank account but with a well-stocked ship. Fiar disappeared into the ship as they returned to research purchasing speeders, and Ciri went to work turning the Captain’s Quarters – currently assigned to Bando Wyn – into a medical bay. With installation going slower than detected, Ciri summoned Bando back to the ship to help install the bacta tank they purchased, and sent Jinx and B1-Ex to the hospital.

As the bacta tank was being installed, Morag met with Bando in the engineering section with an analysis of the battle at Duros. She confirmed multiple sightings of “Kantor” on both Duros and other planets in the Core experiencing pirate raids and upheaval, the existence of at least part of the troops used as clones of Jinx, and the identity of their contact: Betl Oxtroe, an Admiral in the Imperial fleet…and one now wanted for Treason. Bando commed Jinx and explained the situation, but found the communications being jammed midway through the explanation. Bando and Fiar proceeded to leave the ship, steal a speeder, and head to the hospital. Before they left, Morag dropped a final bit of bad news: their bank account was accessed on Brentaal using Jinx’s biometrics 30 minutes ago, and the bank account was drained.

At the hospital, Jinx and B1-Ex were guarding Betl when the comms came through. Jinx left to get a cup of caf, and was barely able to escape the gaze of the ISB soldiers at the receptionist desk. As he returned, he instructed B1-Ex to stand guard and gave him the all-clear to engage hostiles if necessary while he attempted to disengage Betl from the Bacta Tank. As he was trying – and failing – to remove her from the Bacta Tank, he heard the tell-tale signs of a grenade being thrown…and all hell broke loose.

B1-Ex pinned the ISB in the reception area and made a tactical withdrawal back to Jinx, collapsing the hallway behind him, and ran into a very disgruntled Jinx. Jinx began to chastise B1-Ex for engaging the hostiles, only to hear B1-Ex respond with Jinx gave the go-ahead. As Jinx kept failing to drain the bacta tank, he turned to find B1-Ex arriving from the other end of the corridor with a hospital doctor. As Jinx persuaded the doctor to drain the bacta tank, he went out to find a powered sled and some supplies. Returning with the supplies, he loaded Betl onto the sled and proceeded to flee down the corridor as the ISB agents recovered and began burrowing through the rubble. As they left, Jinx was appalled as B1-Ex coldly gunned down the doctor and destroyed the med lab with the statement of “No witnesses”. Approaching the end of a corridor, and with options limited, B1-Ex used his last grenade – a thermal detonator – to blow a hole in the side of the building. As Jinx contemplated if the repulsor sled would survive the fall, B1-Ex pushed them all out the hole with a shrill and warbling battle cry of “ROGER ROGEERRRRRRR!”

As Bando and Fiar approached the hospital, they saw the explosion and exfiltration of Jinx and company. Meeting up with them, they loaded everyone onto the landspeeder and headed back to the ship. Realizing the landspeeder was overweight, Bando leapt out of the landspeeder and made his way back on foot.

As they arrived at the ship, they hastily made plans to depart Talus, once again with the city on high alert and warrants out for their capture. Using magnetic lock boots, a grapple line, and the tractor beam on the ship, B1-Ex and Fiar managed to bring Bando on board the ship as they launched into space at full burn, trying to outrun the Carrack cruisers in pursuit and trying to plot an astrogation course out of the system. As Fiar plotted the course and Jinx piloted the ship to the jump point, they both felt the arrival of Kantor’s forces into the Corellian system. As they moved to leave, they saw the Venators engage the Corellian fleet. Using the Force, Jinx sent a smug message to Kantor regarding him being too late to stop them, his expression fell as he felt Kantor’s response “ But the Blue Shadow comes to the Corellian system”.

As they completed the microjump away from Corellia, Jinx despondently told the crew what Kantor was doing. Determining to plot a course to the Unknown Regions and disappear, he was surprised to see Betl on the bridge, giving them instructions to head to Hapes immediately before “they” find “her”.


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