Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 61: New Masters, Same Issues

As the U-Wing was assembled, the protagonists prepped for departure. With Bando noticing the rather shoddy shape of the U-Wing’s components and B1-Ex’s installation of a swivel turret mount, he discussed the trip with Hexx, Jinx, and Edderlath. Edderlath assured them that the U-Wing would last long enough – much to Hexx’s consternation – and the crew donned their armor and proceeded to depart.

Manuevering through the nebula around the Hapes Cluster while the Radiant VII and Black Knight left through the established passages, Hexx quickly realized that the stabilizers on the ship were not working….along with 1 of the engines. As Bando opened the door to try and get to the engines to repair them, but the depressurization caused the nebula gasses to seap into the cabin. Realizing the predicament the crew was in – limited oxygen in their suits and a long journey ahead – Bando resealed the compartment and tried to restore life support. While he was able to restore the life support at the expense of other spare components, Hexx cut a turn too hard and another engine in the U-Wing burned out.

Limping through the Nebula, the ship immediately leapt to hyperspace to rendezvous with Edderlath’s contacts. Upon arriving at a relatively uninspiring planet and meet with the Black Knight, the U-Wing docked with the Arquitens and the crew was debriefed and got R&R. Edderlath conversed with Betl to find out the next stage of the plan, and notified them that they had a few hours of downtime. Hexx and Jinx took in something other than ration bars in restless silence, B1-Ex proceeded to work on the 4 concussion missiles, and Bando disappeared with Amara Alliera from the Pentastar Alignment.

Jinx and Hexx’s dinner was interrupted by a protocol droid storming into the mess hall. When Hexx rudely inquired as to what he was doing, the protocol droid drew a hidden blaster and stunned him. Jinx, looking up at that point, realized that the droid was in fact Bando!

Bando explained that the cyborg Amara transferred him from the Magnaguard droid into the current body, explaining that it was more for blending into Coruscant and removed some of the Empyrean Way Consortium’s programming and tracking software. After some more adjustments – Bando did not take well to his ‘upgrades’ – the crew met back up with Edderlath and Betl, who informed them that the contacts on Coruscant have been established. Under the cover of working for Bel Iblis’ rebel faction, they are to meet with a rebel insurgent group on Coruscant to cover for their activities, and they were to depart immediately.

Arriving in Coruscant, Hexx piloted the U-Wing towards the Fobosi District of Coruscant. As they flew in, Edderlath unveiled the next stage of their plan. Furnishing everyone with jet packs, she unveiled the cargo they were picking up on the Black Knight: deceased and preserved clones of Hexx and Jinx, in a version of their standard clone armor. Propping the deceased clones in the pilot station – and staging the Magnaguard droid’s body in the hold – they plotted a course for the statue of the Emperor and HALO jumped down. As they fell, they noticed B1-Ex drag and drop the concussion missiles. They saw 2 of the missiles launch themselves, sling around the U-Wing and head towards the statue. The other 2 shot down, turned around, and targeted the U-Wing. With the AA fire at the statue and the destruction of the U-Wing, their entry went undetected.

B1-Ex, Edderlath, Jinx, and Hexx landed on the rooftop of their target building, but Bando was unable to land correctly and went down to the main level entrance of the TaggeCo subsidiary building – 300 stories from the entry point. Managing to blend in and make his way to the roof, Bando rejoined the crew without much incident, where they took an airspeeder to a motel in the Works district.

Arriving in the Works, B1-Ex dropped a droid-popper into the airspeeder as it departed, causing the droid and airspeeder to be destroyed a few blocks away from the motel. As Jinx and Hexx wondered what was going on, Bando filled them in rather harshly that B1 was covering their tracks. They went to eat dinner in casual clothes at a high-rise restaurant in the Fobosi District, where Edderlath explained their target: an abandoned but defended building near the University of Coruscant that was the headquarters of a certain cabal of Coruscanti elite. Rumored to be no more than 500 members at a time and millennia old, the Canted Circle’s membership was filled with movers and shakers – Supreme Chancellors, Grand Admirals, Titans of Industry, and even the Emperor himself. According to Betl and Bel Iblis – both hinting at their membership in the society – the secret to discovering what is driving Kantor’s actions and who may be his hidden master lied within the building.

To facilitate that plan, Edderlath arranged a meeting with a rebel cell on Coruscant that needed assistance disrupting the power grid. The 3 Rebels – an outer rim male human, a Corellian male human, and a Coreworlds male Human – gave them the location and time and left to finalize their preparations. With the mission beginning in 4 hours, Jinx complained about the lack of time to properly set up. As they departed to gear up for the event, Edderlath explained their portion of the plan: using the blackout as cover to infiltrate the Canted Circle, copy their databanks, and leave without being detected.


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