Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 62: Hexxed Again

With the scheduled assault occurring shortly, Jinx and Hexx laid down to get some rest while Bando left to go scout out the location. Having Hexx called an airspeeder for him, Bando boarded the taxi to head out to the Works with a spare comm from Hexx. As they left, he was instructed to give the name of his owner for records, and was instructed by Hexx to use the name Nyko Kalen.

As Bando arrived at his destination, he noticed the comm terminal on the taxi was flashing a “WANTED: Nyko Kalen” message, with an image of a man in battered clone trooper armor. As Bando quickly left the airspeeder behind and blended in to the scenery, he notified Hexx of the predictament. As Hexx rather confusedly discussed the situation with Jinx, Edderlath noticed that the police were swarming the building where Hexx made the call from. As they ditched comms, donned their armor, and bobbytrapped the room, Edderlath, Jinx, Hexx, and B1-Ex took off via Jetpack towards the Power Relay Station. B1-Ex peeled off under orders from Edderlath, and the rest arrived at an in-progress construction site near the power station.

Meanwhile, Bando analyzed the power relay station, noticing it was mostly a durasteel infrastructure with 4 massive solar absorption panels receiving energy beamed from orbital satellites, and a series of similar relay stations transporting energy to other buildings throughout the Works and Fobosi Districts. Infiltrating one of the nearby buildings and gaining access to an empty office suite, Bando commed Jinx to figure out a plan of attack.

In discussing the situation with Edderlath, Jinx, and Hexx, Bando used a holoterminal to gain access to the newsfeed. He discovered that Nyko Kalen had a multi-million credit bounty on his head from both the Hutt Cartel – for bombing a Hutt spawning pool and killing a large amount of Hutt Larva belonging to powerful criminal networks – and the Black Sun – for murdering a Vigo’s family and televising it throughout Hutt Space –and hundreds of police were swarming the area, expanding the search grid, cutting off comm access, and grounding speeders. With this information, and the assumption that B1-Ex may be out of contact for a bit, they left it to Jinx to formulate the plan: Bando would call in a false alert to draw off the police, Hexx and Edderlath would take out the probe droids around the building, and Jinx would fly up and use his only thermal detonator to knock out the power grid.

With the search grid tightening, they enacted their plan…which went sideways from the beginning. Edderlath and Jinx were spotted by the police and probe droids, and took off towards the Fobosi District. Bando made his way down from the building, but exited slower than anticipated. Jinx got into position and prepared to throw his thermal detonator, when B1-Ex arrived in a stolen police airspeeder/cargo hauler….loaded with compressed supercoolant. B1-Ex proceeded to pilot the speeder directly into the superstructure, jumping out and jetpacking down to meet Bando. As Jinx’s detonator hit the supercooled metal infrastructure and exploded, the durasteel shattered, causing the tower to collapse down towards Jinx and the high-powered beams from orbit missed their collection arrays and began burrowing through buildings.

As the chaos was unfolding, Jinx, Bando, and B1-Ex were able to catch up to Edderlath and Hexx. B1-Ex peeled off to meet with Edderlath, and instructed Bando to go with Jinx and meet up with Hexx. As they were meeting up, Hexx took in the scene and realized the Rebel’s plan: multiple turbolaser turrets were located throughout the Fobosi District and when their power supplies cut out, depowered down…and a trio of X-Wings rocketed out from a hidden location in the district, destroyed turrets and Imperial military installations as they progressed towards the Imperial Center. With their skill, he surmised they were an elite Rebel X-Wing squadron…but not as good as he was.

As they breached the building – knowing they had 4 floors to search before the power went on – they explored the first level, finding an opulent and decadent game room and lounge area with serving droids depowered in alcoves. As they attempted to locate the turbolift and access it, Bando tried to use his neural shock interface in his left hand to jumpstart a holoterminal. He was able to get it briefly powered on, but fried the circuits, triggering some sort of alarm and activating the droids but not before noticing the location of the databanks on the lower levels. As they shot down multiple serving droids that proceeded to swarm near them. Realizing they were not attacking them, Hexx allowed one to approach…which proceeded to offer him a beverage. Confused by the approach, Hexx took the drink and left to help Jinx open the turbolift door.

While Jinx and Hexx were working with the door, Bando hacked into the Sabacc dealer droid to access his databanks. As he was finishing his hack, Jinx and Hexx opened the turbolift doors and they proceeded to jetpack down to the lower level databank. After a brief series of exchanges with some sort of droid that appeared like a bulky Stormtrooper, Jinx was surprised to learn that both himself and Hexx were authorized to be present in the building. After trying – and failing – to access the databanks, they asked the droids a series of questions, eventually discovering that the droids were there for over 8 years, they appear to be very similar to Lt Selanne from Alwyn’s fleet, and that apparently Alwyn arranged for their access 7 months ago. As the power came back on and they took a lift to the communications room, they initiated a pre-programmed holocall and were unsurprised when Alwyn answered the call.


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