Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 64: New Ship, New Mission

As the protagonists accepted Alwyn’s eventual offer for being, once again, in his service, they lounged around Kittada enjoying it’s hospitality. Bando made addtional acquaintances in the maintenance shack on Alwyn’s Estate, Hexx spent time wandering the halls and enjoying not having to look over his shoulder, and Jinx lounged at the pool, being exceptionally lazy and carefree.

As their rest came to an end, Alwyn hosted what turned out to be a farewell party, where the protagonists met a few of his contacts on the planet. Outside of random Alderaanians and the occassional Nautolan, the guest that attracted the most attention was Gannon Ikova, the mayor of Kittada’s only real settlement of Haleona Spaceport. Learning some of the history from Gannon, they learned that Kittada’s previous mayor, Mia Ikova, attempted to ally with the Rebellion and staged an unsuccessful revolt with the help of Leia Organa that ended with her death. Gannon came to power exceptionally distrustful of everyone but maintaining a militant neutrality in his dealings, eventually coming to an accord with a newly appointed Imperial governor that was an associate of Alwyn.

Around 4 am, the protagonists were awoken from their slumbers by Alywn’s staff. He took them to the shuttlepad on his estate and presented a new ship: a Nu-class shuttle called the Blue Bantha. With Hexx stating his reluctant approval of the ship but wishing they had time for a maintenance overhaul, the ship was loaded for supplies and left around 6 am, on a winding course to Ilum.

The journey to Ilum was immediately sidetracked when the protagonists entered the Alderaanian system. The communication console detected a coded Clone Wars era message coming from the asteroid field, and Jinx insisted they investigate.

The investigation yielded results, but also cost them. They discovered a fortified bunker in a chunk of asteroid, made of Beskar Iron, that contained a holocom station and 3 various shaped cabinets. Bando investigated the bunker – being a droid and not needed oxygen – and discovered a series of items: the bones of presumably Bail Organa and his wife, Jedi robes and a lightsaber that looked startling familiar, and a series of objects worth at least 100,000 credits…and more to the right buyer as they were prized heirlooms of Alderaan.

Jinx quickly claimed the lightsaber, his enthusiasm only mildy tempered by the fact it was nonfunctional, Bando packaged the items, and they left to be picked up by Hexx.

Hexx had a much rougher time, fighting with the engines to maintain an orbit while avoiding debris. With his first engine going out on the approach, the second engine failed just as he was leaving the asteroid belt.


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