Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 1: Battle of Endor

The protagonists valiantly defended the Victory Star Destroyer Dominant’s hanger bay from an incursion from a Rebel strike force of Clone War era battle droids and rebel saboteurs. After raiding the supplies, the protagonists moved towards the hanger bay itself.
The Dominant itself was not faring as well. The boarding parties from 4 Corellian Corvettes were causing massive hull breaches, with bulkheads sealing breaches and limiting movements.

The Dominant sounded for battle stations and then went eerily silent.
Upon investigation, the Dominant’s bridge was destroyed and the ship was being abandoned. The protagonists made their way to the bay, only to be struck by an incapacitating mental jolt – like one overwhelming voice cried out in rage and was suddenly silenced.

Staggering into the auxiliary bay, the protagonists looted some ship components and vacuum suits, an Imperial supply crate containing 2 months of rations, 10 Imperial issue blaster rifles, and 50 power packs, and 4 droids – 2 archaic astromech droids, a medical droid, and a cargo hauler droid. They also discovered an older model Skipray Blastboat that looked to be modified slightly.

The protagonists powered up the ship and left as the Dominant’s engines went critical – and the Super Star Destroyer Executor collided with the Death Star, causing a massive explosion. They flew through a partial Rebel blockade, evading a trio of X-wing starfighters as the astromech droid hastily plotted a hyperspace jump.

As the shockwave approached, the protagonists jumped to lightspeed, going through a hyperspace corridor to Alderaan’s remains, pondering the future as the Empire was dealt a blow and they are on the run towards an unknown future.


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