Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 13: Lines in the Sand

The protagonists traveled back to Utapau from Naboo to meet with their new employer, Kantor Sertellian, to escort him on the mission into the western regions of Wild Space on a mission related to the Force and its wielder.

The journey did not go as planned. Earlier that week, Sluis Van was hit by the Eriadu Authority, who took things a step further in their war by willingly sacrificing material in order to cripple the shipyards at Sluis Van…and then travel south down the hyperspace corridor to Elrood.

An emergency meeting was held at Utapau, where Captain Aban informed the bases that Operation Candlelight was being implemented. The base scrambled to load all war materiel aboard the ships and press all available combat units – and some rather unseasoned soldiers – into duty.

While Hexx and CZ investigated their Skipray blastboat – whose crew was pulled to do war-related maintenance – Jinx and Rip-Rack left to investigate the Command Crew briefing meeting. In the meeting, they discovered that all ships were being sent to Elrood to bolster the planet, with individual orders being given for each ship. After the meeting Rip-Rack went back to Hexx and CZ, who all wanted no part of the battle. Jinx took the contract to assist with the forces after a personal plea from the Alderaanian settlement on Elrood, and departed with the fleet.

While Hexx, CZ, and Rip-Rack repaired the ship and departed for Naboo, Jinx boarded Captain Aban’s Venator flagship. During the journey – where engines were pushed and short cuts taken – Jinx drilled on capital ship gunnery and awaited arrival.

Upon arriving on Elrood, Jinx took a shuttle and proceeded to start evacuating Alderaanians from the planet. During the evacuation, the Eriadu Authority forces arrived and began a pitched space battle over Elrood.

Eventually meeting up with Miriam, they both went to Captain Aban – whose ship was held in reserve by Alwyn – to personally convince her to land the Venator on the planet to evacuate civilians. Successful in their goal, they saw that the Confederacy forces under the direct command of Alwyn Sirana were being diminished whilst making the Eriadu Authority pay dearly for progress. During the battle, Jinx felt an odd sensation, like a heightening of focus and reflexes, and the Confederacy forces held the line at the planet long enough for a fleet of Acclamator Assault cruisers to arrive and evacuate as many civilians as possible.

The Confederacy forces eventually retreated, but the Eriadu Authority gave no chase. Instead, they turned their guns on the planet of Elrood, obliterating all signs of civilization and killing countless billions of sentients. Upon arriving back at Utapau – after Captain Aban made some hyperspace jumps to demolish the S-thread boosters keeping open a hyperlane between Elrood and Utapau – the Confederacy licked their wounds and set time to rebuild. Jinx met with Alwyn, arranging the promised payments, and with the Alderaanian refugees who lost their newest home to Imperial-affiliated attacks.

Jinx eventually booked transit to Naboo aboard the Wandering Hunter as it was delivering a delegation to Naboo. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew proceeded to make arrangements to set up the mountain base as a small scale workshop to produce Proton Torpedos and Concussion missiles, seeing a crippling shortage in the market. CZ attempted to track down the source of the funds deposited in Jinx’s account, which lead him to a series of charities set up to benefit orphans of Alderaan. He investigated them thoroughly, but beyond one account being suddenly depleted, all actions appear above board, making him highly suspicious.

Once the protagonists reconvened, there was a disagreement between Hexx and Jinx regarding working for Alwyn and the moral quandries imbedded in the decisions. During the set up of the machine shop, they contacted a few individuals inquiring about work. In Boss Zast, they uncovered a personal “collection” mission to a Core world planet to obtain either the thief, credit value, or physical ’medicinal use items" that was lost to Zast. In Tolwyn, they discovered he both traveled to Utapau, and then was heading to Naboo later to deliver their freighter.

Upon Tolwyn’s arrival, they were rather shocked to see him in a uniform of the Outer Rim Confederacy. He explained he set aside his personal dislike of Alwyn in an attempt to further the Confederacy’s goals – Alwyn was, in his experience, a far lesser evil than the New Republic or Imperial warlords – and have some direct input into their actions. He gave them a tour of his ship – a Dreadnaught class cruiser – and let them know they were always welcome aboard the ship while he was docked at Naboo, scheduled for 3 days until his mission orders arrived.

In the 3 days time, CZ and Hexx spent fixing a highly damaged freighter – it looked like Tolwyn was in a warzone, which he did not deny – while Jinx and Rip-Rack investigated Tolwyn’s ship and sudden enlistment.

2 and 1/2 days later, Tolwyn invited them to the ship, where he made his recruitment pitch: his mission was to travel north to the Centrality, where Confederate intelligence managed to track an unusual amount of activity: a rumored Imperial ISB interrogator was spotted in the employ of one of the political factions, Irizon Aldrecht’s crew was spotted in the area, along with rumors of civil unrest, faltering governments, and potential collapse. Once in the Centrality, he was to act independently to ensure the Centrality’s interest and that of the Confederacy aligned – by hook or crook, diplomacy or piracy. He offered the protagonists employment in his forces, and led a clandestine mission into the Centrality to bring order to chaos and engage in at times hostile negotiations.


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