Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 15: Predator and Prey

As the ship was pulled to the station, the protagonists prepared to be boarded – an action which never happened.

Once pulled to a lower level shuttle bay on the station, CZ-42 secured the hangar bay and surrounding areas, finding no resistance. The protagonists discovered their area was on minimal power – the main power conduits were severed – and that the station was operating under Protocol T.T.C.R.: Technological Threat Containment Response. A multitude of signals were being sent, attempting to hack both the station and any other connected computer, a malicious action triggering the station’s safety protocols…including a station self-destruct sequence.

The protagonists proceeded through the station, magnetically scaling the elevator shafts to the main level, where they found utter carnage. Bodies littered the area, crushed and broken and pulled apart, technological items smashed into rubble, and cargo and furniture violently thrust about. It was then that the protagonists, in the midst of collecting pieces of a protocol droid, ran into the enemy.

A group of what appeared to be 3 slaves approached them, wearing rags, slave collars, and an odd cybernetic device around their temples. They mindlessly assaulted the protagonists, displaying superhuman levels of resilience, strength, and aggression. Expending a large amount of ordinance, the slaves were taken out, where it was discovered they were cyborgs being controlled to attack, with massive changes to their musculature and adrenal systems.

A few survivors were found – precious few – and CZ-42 tried to reverse hack the signal. Coming very close to having his program overriden, he did manage to pinpoint the source of the signal – a cargo bay on the other side of the ship – and with the help of a native tech named Morag Roark discovered the events leading up to the assault and other survivors.

Discovering that Le’Ara was hunting down a band of Outer Rim slavers and assaulting their captain, they discovered that the cyborgs all came from the same cargo bay as the slaver’s destroyed ship. Most were destroyed, but not before taking out the majority of sentients on the station. They discovered a few key locations were guarded – a Droid/Medical Bay, a bank vault, and a cargo area full of carbonite Twi’Lek slaves.

The protagonists went to assault the source of the signal, and discovered a group of 7 of the cyborgs and what remained of the pirate crew – the captain himself, armed with an Assault Cannon. The protagonists quickly engaged and after a quick firefight proved victorious…but a comrade fell.

CZ-42 left cover to launch a thermal detonator at the cyborgs, thinning their ranks and allowing for the brothers to take up favorable positions. In response, the pirate leader focused fire on the droid, slagging his already damaged droid body…and causing his remaining thermal detonator to cook off, completely destroying the droid.

After CZ-42 was destroyed, the cyborgs were mopped up, and the rest of the survivor’s acquired and cyborgs dealt with by utilizing distance, sniping positions, and creativity in exploiting uncoordinated cyborgs’ weaknesses. The station was looted of supplies, but with time running out the protagonists decided to raid the capital ship bays, acquiring a Marauder-class vessel – oddly registered as a Corporate Sector Authority ship – and making a narrow escape.

Upon reaching Naboo, they discovered that Tolwyn was no longer in command of his Fleet Group – he was being wanted for capital crimes against the Outer Rim Confederacy, and the protagonists contracts with the Outer Rim Confederacy were declared void. Contacting Tolwyn via Miriam, the protagonists set up a meeting on Naboo – Tolwyn refused to discuss the situation over open comms – and Boss Zast was contacted to sell the Marauder ship, after wanting to avoid a repeat of the Wandering Hunter situation.

After the ship was sold – and the PCs 1,875,000 credits richer – the survivors grouped up at the base, catching their breath and enjoying the calm before a storm.


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