Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 16: Predictable Chaos

While the protagonists retreated to their mountain stronghold to assess the situation, the situation on Naboo flared up in a disasterous way.

Racial tensions, long simmering but otherwise contained, between the Gungans and Naboo erupted over the deaths of multiple Gungans at what appeared to be Imperial hands, with the human officers of the Theed police unable to find a culprit. The issues drew in crowds from the surrounding systems, causing Naboo to surge with outside influence. The issue also drew supporters for both the Empire and the Rebellion to Naboo, with the rebel insurgents backing the Gungans and the Imperial supporters supporting the humans of Naboo…whether they wanted them to or not.

The protagonists ventured forth to Keren to investigate the happenings at the Alderaanian-predominated casinos. There, Jinx and Bando – aka Jean-Francois Gauthier of Coruscant – discovered a subtle change in the atmosphere. Non-humans were being slightly detained for “customer service questions to ensure quality service”, the casinos made a point to ensure that people were out at a reasonable time, and alcohol was more carefully monitored. Jinx reviewed a survey while Bando gambled, and concluded that the innocuous questions could very easily be utilized in an offensive manner to subdue any non-human.

Returning to the bunker – and suspicious that something bad was going to occur – the protagonists began to redouble efforts. Bando worked on his droid models and updating his custom H0-B0 protocol-combat droid, installing updated programming and reinforcing the armor plates, while Jinx worked with Hexx to strip out the miniaturized components installed on the skipray to find the tracking systems. The rest of the employees went about their tasks – Ryo Rey and Anolo Jade dramatically increased their draw on the corporate accounts to build a supply surplus of food and medicine, the slicers were probing Naboo’s planetary network, and the engineers cannibalized parts from the skipray to reinforce the base, adding a shield generator to cover the opening and capital grade turbolaser emplacements.

A few days later – and after much more agitation on the streets – it was announced that the Queen of Naboo, along with her council, would meet with delegates from the major Gungan cities to discuss a way to amicably resolve the tensions. In a break from typical Naboo transparency, the details were kept closely guarded to prevent “outside influences from disrupting the event”.

Jinx traveled to Theed to investigate the situation incognito, and what he discovered greatly concerned him. Multiple ships, with a swing wing pattern, were seen landing in Theed’s spaceport in the distance during the evening, and individuals were rabidly promoting pro-Rebellion and pro-Imperial propaganda. The following evening, Jinx mingled with the crowds in Theed, nervous and on edge, while the crew at the base waited with nervous tension. He also noticed a series of barricaded and fortified buildings in Theed, placed at strategic locations.

All was going well, with the Gungan delegation arriving and meeting with the Queen in a secure location, when it suddenly went very bad.

Jinx, while getting lunch, heard a massive explosion come from one of the rumored locations of the meeting. While recovering from the shockwave, he saw one female, in perhaps Imperial attire, on a comm-link, making out the words “…Operation….Blockade…” before the crowds erupted into conflict. Open conflict, Human against Gungan, Rebel against Imperial, had come to Naboo.

Suspecting her to be an ISB agent, Jinx tailed her throughout Theed. During his chase, he noticed humans dressed in black uniforms bearing a semblance to Imperial army began deploying sonic weapons to pacify the crowd. Concluding they were riot gear from the Imperial Garrison, he left to track down the female agent.

Meanwhile, at the base, communications were severed with Jinx. Bando and Morag worked to reestablish communications, but realized they were being jammed on a planetary scale. They switched to sensors, and noticed a very large mass of ships entering from hyperspace and heading for Naboo, arriving in orbit within 3 hours. Bando, along with Castus and Athen, suited up in their Clone era armor, boarded the LAAT courier ship, and launched for Theed to evac Jinx. While en route to Theed, they noticed the Imperial base in Deeja Peak spring to life, launching Lambda shuttles and TIE fighters.

Jinx eventually caught up to the female agent, as she and a man in Imperial uniform were defending an elderly Naboo noblewoman from 5 Gungans. Jinx attempted to assist, but was dropped by one of the surprisingly strong Gungan’s blows. He recovered a few moments later, finding the male Imperial and Naboo noblewoman unconscious, and the female Imperial unconscious with a broken arm. He quickly discovered what happened to the Gungans – the black-clad riot control groups were opening fire on the crowds.

Instead of Sonic waves and stun settings, Jinx saw them open up with blaster rifles on full power, and the sonic waves barely affecting humans but crippling, if not killing, Gungans and other aliens. Jinx woke up the male Imperial, sending him and the noblewoman to safety, and carried the female Imperial off “for medical assistance” and interrogation. While fleeing, he noticed TIE fighters taking aim – and being fended off by – the black-clad riot soldiers.

Unarmed, unarmored, and vulnerable, Jinx determined that his best course of action was to head to the Theed police station to rearm himself with his clone armor head in evidence. Bando eventually met up with Jinx, opening up the evidence lock up and retrieving the armor and some credit chips, and evacuated with their prisoner-guest.

While tensely flying out of Theed, Jinx reminisced about how the clone soldiers must have felt during the Clone Wars – the nervous exhilaration as they were rescuing individuals from a hostile theatre, constrasting with his never-quite-right Imperial experiences suppressing uprisings – during which Bando confirmed, with seeming first-hand experience, of “yeah, it was like that”.

Landing in the bunker, they observed with both the naked eye and their sensors the arriving force – 2 Victory-class Star Destroyers flanking a Super-Class Star Destroyer!


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