Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 2: The Shadowport of Blacktide

Upon arriving in Alderaan and taking stock of their situation, the protagonists elected to head to the shadowport on Manaan known as the Blacktide to refuel and regroup.

Upon arriving and paying the daily “protection toll”, the protagonists explored the shadowport, meeting a Rodian merchant named Seebo, a mysterious employment broker, and hearing about a Hutt crimelord named Gorba the Hutt and of a shop rumored to be a Rebel front.

After bartering with Seebo for a full tank of fuel, obtaining new clothes, and partaking in the local cantina’s alcoholic concoctions, the protagonists eventually met with a somewhat mysterious and not entirely trustworthy employment broker and paid for a contract to deliver salvage.

There was an ambush on the way back to the ship, resulting in a damaged CZ-42, an injured Jinx, and 4 dead Zabrak gangsters, but the protagonists survived to deal another day. Injuries were patched up, the ship refueled, and the protagonists quickly flew off to locate salvage.

After a heated discussion regarding heading to the Battle of Endor to obtain salvage or head to a old Clone Wars base that CZ-42 had in his databanks, the ship jumped to the Clone Wars moon base closest to Manaan.

The base was in poor shape with a thin vacuum, but the protagonists were not alone – Battle droids powered up upon the tripping of an alarm protocol in the base. A brief exchange occurred, with the battle droid menance ending with a thermal detonator explosion near the droidecka crippling its shields.

The thermal detonator had the side effect of causing an atmosphere breech. With his vacuum suit breached, Hex made his way back to the ship before all atmosphere was purged. Jinx followed to patch him up, while CZ-42 uncovered the rest of the base.

The location seemed to have been a small medical facility, and was slated to have listening post equipment installed before the droid invasion caused the base to go dark. As much as was possible was scavenged – Medical supplies, Clone War era computers and weaponry, and a list of the clone soldiers at the base – and the protagonists departed, destroying the base’s entrance. While at the base and loading up materials, Toolbox installed a Holonet Receiver array on the ship, allowing brief abilities to tap into the Holonet broadcasts but at the cost of massive power drains.

Upon arriving back at Blacktide, the protagonists received unfortunate news from their mysterious employment contact that the material they acquired was not worth as much as they thought due to the age of the equipment, and that they would need to head to the war-torn planet of Corellia to deliver the assets

Jinx and Toolbox and T4-X1 headed to the junkshop rumored to be a front for the Rebels to attempt to negotiate a different deal for their salvage. Upon arriving, the shopkeep froze at the site of 2 individuals in Stormtrooper armor in his shop. Upon declaring themselves no friends of the Empire, the shopkeep triggered a hidden alarm and bringing out soldiers – Stormtroopers.

The shop was NOT a Rebel front, but an Imperial front! A battle ensued between the protagonists and the Imperial Stormtroopers throughout Blacktide, causing a full blown panicked riot as individuals began running and evacuating as the Imperials made their presence known. Jinx and Toolbox, separated from T4-X1, rescued Seebo from a Zabrak retaliation execution and made their way to the exit, meeting up with T4-X1 on their way out.

The protagonists returned to their ship, and began the ascent to space. Upon breaking atmosphere, they discovered an unwelcome surprise – 2 Imperial warships, Carrack Class and Lancer Class exiting hyperspace…and on an intercept course.


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