Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 6: Decisions

The protagonists left the Clone Wars base at Sump with a fresh haul of minor supplies. Upon leaving Sump, they heard on the Holonet that Moff Adelhard of the Anoat sector had initiated a sector wide blockade after the events of Endor, and most transmissions were being jammed.

The ship traveled west along their hyperspace route, but found a dead end rather than a circuitous route. They proceeded east to investigate the blockade – they were intercepted by a patrol consisting of a handful of Imperial Star Destroyers and a swarm of support cruisers, but weren’t detained due to the ship registry being that of a trading vessel. They did manage to pierce the veil a bit and discovered the massive propaganda effort being enacted in the Anoat sector and noted a possible profit in the situation but they were I’ll equipped to take advantage.

Heading further east they cross into the Eriadu Authority, where Holonet access was restored. They were contacted by Seebo regarding events transporting while they were out of contact, the most intriguing being a message from Toolbox’s Uncle on Elrood requesting a meeting and possible job opportunities.

The protagonists elected to head south towards Elrood. They discovered a lush and green planent, reminiscent of Corellian or Alderaan.

The individuals split up upon arrival – Hexx left to explore the spaceport – and possibly steal a ship – while Jinx went with Toolbox to his family’s estate.

Hexx uncovered little information on the shipyards except they had a few capital class cruisers in for refitting and had over a thousand star fighters of varying makes and models, and we’re under heavy guard.

Jinx met Toolbox’s family on their estate, and discovered some information – the family was apparently wealthy, with an estate exceeding 500 acres, there were over 500 individuals there who appeared to be Alderaanian, and the flora and fauna seemed to have been cloned from some source as they were native to Alderaan.

The next day, the protagonists met with Toolbox’s Uncle Alyn and an unknown woman. They exchanged pleasantries but Toolbox was derisive and belligerent, showing a clear dislike of Alwyn. Toolbox left the dinner to “get some air”, and the meeting took a turn towards business.

At a signal from Alwyn, the entire place evacuated the restaurant, leaving a feast on the table and only the protagonists, Alwyn, and his female companion Hana. Alwyn showed a remarkable knowledge of their actions, and asked them where they stood on galactic politics. After the discussion, Alwyn offered a job: travel north towards the deep core, using codes and routes provided to bypass any Imperial or Republic entanglements, infiltrate a Imperial political prison, and rescue 2 individuals. In exchange, he would procure some items for the protagonists along with a ship upgrade for the hyper drive and a sum of 10,000 credits upon completion. The offer was accepted.

The trip was relatively uneventful, but upon arriving in the Deep Core, the astrogation charts became increasingly erratic. CZ was able to compensate, and they arrived at the planet.

Upon arrival and a system scan, they uncovered the prison complex on the planets location, but also that it was ringed by 10 Golan III platforms….and an improvised shipyard working on a Super Star Destroyer that was receiving continual status updates from the base.

Careful infiltration of the base led them to the prisoner bays, where they ran into complications : all prisoners were frozen in carbonite…and stormtroopers opened fire.

Shots were exchanged, with a few of the crew getting injured severely but thanks to some well placed but destructive grenades the stormtroopers were handled, and CZ knocked out communications.

The protagonists rescued their two targets, and acquired a 3rd as potential ransom before they hastily left the compound.

Upon missing the all clear signal, the Golan platforms initiated am orbital bombardment, utterly obliterating the compound and killing tens of thousands of prisoners in carbonite.

The ship leapt to hyperspace and was on their way back to Elrood


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