Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Game 8: The Lines are Drawn

After Alwyn’s announcement of independence and a reformation of the Confederacy of Independent systems, there was a sense of shock in the crowd, followed by rapid discussions.

The protagonists canvased the room, developing a sense of support in the crowd. They quickly determined that the majority of the systems around Elrood were supportive of the proclamation, but the systems near Eriadu were vehemently opposed, along with the planets on the extreme end of the Rimma Trade Spine.

The PCs were approached by Alwyn later, and were offered a sum of 50,000 for the carbonite prisoner, along with offers to enlist in his new military with high ranking officer designations. The protagonists offered to think about it, but quickly determined they wanted nothing to do with Alwyn or his nascent empire.

During the plotting to leave, Hexx went back to the ship to prep for launch, Jinx left to spend the evening with an inebriated Miriam, and CZ and Riprack left to explore the castle.

Hexx discovered a somewhat hostile situation, as the crew of the Wandering Hunter, along with the Rodians at the asteroid station, elected to take Alwyn’s enlistment offer and had their ship join the new naval force. Hexx tried to convince, and then oppose, the decision but left the ship with his TIE fighter and the personal gear of the protagonists.

Jinx woke up in a stupor, realizing he was probably drugged, and ran into Tolwyn while stumbling the halls in Miriam’s plush robe and slippers. Tolwyn dragged Jinx through passageways in the castle to a secreted exit.

Meanwhile, CZ and Riprack investigated the meeting room, and discovered that there was going to be a draft announcement and conscription event happening shortly to fill the ranks of the military, and proceeded to leave the castle to meet with Jinx and Tolwyn.

The group rendezvoused at the chop shop that Hana was using to assemble junk fighters for the Rebellion, and proceeded to scrounge together parts to assemble a new ship – a Skipray Blastboat model – out of the available parts and cannibalized the TIE fighter.

They left the system, heading north, and detonated the remaining parts of the TIE fighter, venting and exposing the chop shop in the process.


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