Alwyn Sirina




Uncle to Toolbox – a very unpopular one – and an Alderaanian expatriate, Alwyn Sirina appears to have the rank of General with either the Imperial Military or one of the splinter factions.

Based on Elrood, he has arranged for at least one – if not more – Alderaanian compounds to be settled with thoroughly vetted survivors of Alderaan with no expenses spared – the culture is upheld, the wildlife apparently replicated, and the heritage of Alderaan in full view.

While charming and civil, he seems to be constantly scheming towards some long term end goal, dangling strings and plans and favors but always with a catch.

Recently, he has announced the indepence of Elrood and the reformation of a Confederacy of Outer Rim systems and moved into a state of tepid conflict with the New Republic, Imperial navy, and the Warlord Sander Delvardus.

Alwyn Sirina

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