Captain Nolan Kincaid

Captain of the Victory Star Destroyer Dominant




The Captain of the Dominant for 15 years, Captain Kincaid has served both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire since the Clone Wars.

Not much is known of his past – he is intensely private – but he did take great pride in his crew and showed a willingness to repurpose and be inventive with the outdated tech and less than top-line recruits assigned to him by the Imperial Command.

Normally patrolling the Outer Rim, he was contacted by Admiral Piett and ordered to Endor. It was at Endor that the Dominant met it’s end.

The party recently discovered he survived the battle of Endor, retreating to the Unknown Regions and finding employ as the captain of an Imperial Star Destroyer “Courageous”

Captain Nolan Kincaid

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