Captain Ridu Syrus

Imperial Captain




A Coruscant native, Ridu holds the rank of Captain in the Imperial Navy.

A pragmatic loyalist, he believed in the goals of the Empire, but is not above questioning some of it’s methods.

Upon hearing news of Zsinj’s assault on Naboo and the potential for biological weapons to be rediscovered, he reached out to contacts in the Rebellion and arranged a meeting between the Imperial and Rebel factions with some individuals rumored to have been involved in the incident on Naboo on the neutral site of Worlport on Ord Mantel.

After the incident on Ilum, the party discovered Ridu was not only Force sensitive, but appears to be a trained Jedi along with his sister Jyren.

Ridu also appears to hold rank in an organization in the Unknown Regions of lieutenant.

Captain Ridu Syrus

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