Castus Allard

Stormtrooper without a Cause




Born Castus Allard on Ord Mantell 25 years ago, EC-58N enlisted in the Stormtrooper Corp on his 18th birthday. His rise through the ranks was relatively unremarkable, being stationed on unexciting and rather dull assignments.

After the Battle of Yavin, he began seeing frontline combat missions against Rebellion incursions on a regular basis. After an unknown incident, he was reassigned to Prism Station – a somewhat unkempt Imperial detention facility orbiting the fourth moon Ulhem in the Aprexis system of Wild Space. He does not like talking about it.

During his stay at Prism station, he saw the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer to the station 2 years after the Battle of Hoth. An unknown inquisitor boarded the station with the Captain, and after touring the station informed the crew that he was enlisting the aid of the space station’s crew for his Star Destroyer and was transporting the prisoners to a more secure location. As they left, they instructed the remaining 10 individuals – 8 stormtroopers and 2 technicians – that they would be sending a repair fleet to deal with the derelict ships shortly. Until then, they were to be under a communications blackout.

The next 2 years passed slowly – no technicians or repair fleet arrived, and the 10 individuals stayed on the station grew increasingly bored. Relations with his fellow stormtroopers became strained, as each was apparently assigned there as a punishment detail. The technicians slave rigged all the turbolasers and automated all the TIE fighters during this time.

1 and 1/2 years later, the technicians took the sole shuttle of the base and left to obtain new orders…and never returned. 6 months later, while doing a routine scan, Fleet Group 8 of the Outer Rim Confederacy arrived in system, all batteries firing. During the even, the remaining 7 stormtroopers were killed by a boarding party while Castus barely survived.

Choosing knowledge and life over blind obedience, Castus developed a truce with the invaders, sharing knowledge of the station in return for an exit back to civilization.

Castus Allard

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