Astromech Droid


100382_press03-720x1080.jpgOn First glance Cz-42 is a typical R2 astromech droid but peel back the surface a bit and you will find he is anything but typical.

He stands a mere 1.93m tall and is black and copper/red. He is barrel shaped with a domed head. He has 2 outer legs with magnetic feet and a 3rd retractable leg that comes out of the bottom for stability.

CZ’s outer shell looks like the standard droid casing but upon a closer inspection it is a thicker more durable alloy that is normally found on combat droids.

Underneath the casing you will find that some of the standard droid components have been replaced to accommodate offensive systems. The periscopic video camera has been removed in favor of a launcher tube outfitted with a thermal detonator and his retractable heavy arm has been modified to house a functional sport blaster pistol. His fire extinguisher has been replaced to house fuel for retractable rockets on his legs.

Even with these upgrades, he can still fill many of the same functions as any other astromech. He still has his small arc welder, circular saw, video display screen, holoprojector/recorder, small set of tools, grappling hook and synthline, and a retractable fine work arm.

CZ-42’s memory core and physical attributes have also been customized to give him the edge in some situations.

The following are his stats:

Dexterity 3D
melee combat

Knowledge 3D
alien species
planetary systems

Mechanical 4D
Astrogation 5D
rocket pack
Space Transport 5D
Starfighter gunnery
Capital ship gunnery
Capital ship piloting 1pip
Starfighter piloting
Starfighter Shields 5D
Capital ship Shields 5D

Technical 3D
armor repair
blaster repair
computer program 2pips
droid program
Capital ship repair 4D
Starfighter repair 4D
Capital ship Weapon Repair 4D

Strength 2D

Perception 3D


CZ-42.jpgContent Not Found: cz-42CZ-42 was manufactured based off old model Czerka Corporation espionage astromech plans and modern R2 components.

At the start of the Clone Wars he was repurposed for a covert ops team of droids. During this time he was upgraded with a combat package that made him more durable and the demolitions part of the team.

His squad affectionately, called the D-Squad, was stationed on the republic cruiser Liberty’s Wing. Master Plo Kloon was the Jedi Stationed to the Venator-class cruiser at the time of D-squad’s service. During his service his team infiltrated several Separatist ships for the Republic and gained some vital information.

Toward the end of the Clone Wars CZ and his compatriots were privy to locations of Republic Army bases in the galaxy for safe keeping by an unknown source.

After the Clone Wars ended the squad was disbanded and the droids split up among the newly formed Imperial Fleet, with records of their exploits buried and memory wipes scheduled.

CZ found his way to be in the service of Admiral Nolan Kincaid on board the Dominator. The admiral had stored him aboard his personal skipray blastboat before the battle of Endor but oddly enough did not do a full memory wipe. CZ found himself powered on to a most unusual circumstance.

CZ-42 met his demise as he led his existence – by the thermal detonator. Suffering catastrophic damage at Yag’Dhul during a fight with an army of cyborgs, CZ-42 took a sustained blaster assault cannon shot to his torso, triggering his stored thermal detonator. His remains were unrecoverable.


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