Grand Admiral Octavian Grant

Grand Admiral of the Empire




A member of Tapani nobility, Octavian Grant was one of the original 12 Grand Admirals appointed by the Emperor during his reign…and one of the last of the 12 to survive.

Known for both his military acumen and noted hostility towards droids, Octavian Grant eschewed the political machinations of his fellow Grand Admirals, preferring to keep a low profile and focus on the threats to the Empire.

Withdrawing on his personal Star Destroyer to the Outer Rim after Endor and the resulting fracturing of the Empire, he notably made no moves to seize power. Biding his time and grasping how the major factions were shaping up, he joined with who he believed was the last legitimate political leader from the Empire – Grand Moff Ardus Kaine.

After Ardus Kaine announced the formation of the Pentastar Alignment, Octavian Grant assumed command of the military and bent his considerable skills to the task of defending the Pentastar Alignment from it’s myriad of potential foes with exceptionally limited resources.

Grand Admiral Octavian Grant

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