Grand Moff Ardus Kaine

The last Grand Moff





Appointed as the successor to Grand Moff Tarkin by Emperor Palpatine himself, Ardus Kaine took a differing approach than Tarkin to governing the Outer Rim than most expected after the death of the Emperor at Endor.

Foreseeing the rise of splinter groups and a fracturing Empire, Grand Moff Kaine relocated his headquarters to the planet now known as Bastion shortly after Endor. Dismissed as foolish by his fellow Imperials for abandoning Eriadu and the Core Worlds, the Grand Moff set up an Empire in Miniature in the Outer Rim.

The Pentastar Accords established the Pentastar Alignment in the years after the death of the Emperor. With his Super Star Destroyer Reaper, the backing of a series of corporations creating their own version of the Corporate Sector Authority, and the financial acumen of the Muuns of Muunilist, Grand Moff Kaine retreated from the heavily contested zones of the Core and major hyperspace routes.

In his out of the way area of space, the Grand Moff set up the Pentastar Alignment based on the Empire’s ideals, with a few major differences in regards to the treatment of alien species and the interaction with the Rebellion. Abandoning the strict Human High Culture ideals of the Empire, aliens were granted more rights in the Pentastar Alignment than in other warlord holdings. The Grand Moff was also unique in signing nonaggression pacts with various Rebel factions, most notably those led by Mon Mothma and Leia Organa, and various Imperial holdouts and warlords.

Keeping a lower profile, the Grand Moff is set on creating a lasting Empire…even if it’s not as galaxy spanning as the Empire of old.

Grand Moff Ardus Kaine

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