Sgt. Jhorin "Jinx" Hest JNX-1313

Elite Stormtrooper from the colony world of Commenor. Favors carbine rifles. Never misses, but rarely does damage.


Jhorin “Jinx” Hest – JNX-1313
Height 6’ 4" Weight 240 lbs. Eyes Hazel Hair: Light Brown
Force Sensitive – Yes Force Points – 0 Character Points – 5

Strength – 3D
Dexterity – 4D
– Blaster Rifle (Carbine) 6D
– Dodge Energy Weapons 6D
Technical – 3D
– First Aid (SP) 5D
– Armor Repair 5D
– Droid Repair (SP) 5D
– Starfighter Repair 4D+2
– Capital Ship Repair 5D
– Transport Repair 4D+1
Mechanical – 3D
– Piloting (Capital) 3D+2
– Piloting (Starfighter) 4D+1
– Piloting (Transport) 4D+1
– Starship Gunnery 4D
Knowledge – 2D+1
– Tactics 5D+1
– Scholar: Clone Wars 4D+2
– Language: Basic (fluent)
– Language: Binary (fluent)
– Language: Huttese (basic understanding)
– Language: Rodian (basic understanding)
Perception – 3D
– Bargaining 4D+2
Alter 1D

BlasTech E-11 Blaster Carbine (5D) (9 blaster clips)
2 Fragmentation grenades
Vibroknife (wrist sheath)
Modified ARC Trooper Armor (+1 EN / +1 Phys)
Street clothes


Jhorin Hest was born on the market world of Commenor. His father, Brekkin, was the Provost Marshal for the Commenori Militia until the Republic was reformed into the First Galactic Empire.

His older brother, Hexx, a pilot in the Imperial Navy, grew up just like his father, toeing the party line. While Jhorin heard the voices of the common citizen, and saw the atrocities committed in the name of “peace and justice,” shaking his faith in the good of the Empire.

Top marks in the Academy in nearby Carida, particularly a specialty in marksmanship, earned him his choice of station. He chose to serve aboard the Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominant, where his brother was stationed.

While aboard the Dominant, Jhorin earned the nickname Jinx, after his Imperial operating number, JNX-1313, as well as his penchant for hitting, but not actually damaging his target.

Sgt. Jhorin "Jinx" Hest JNX-1313

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