Moff Panaka




The former captain of Queen Amidala’s bodyguard corps, Moff Panaka had a decorated history on Naboo.

Transitioning to service to Naboo politically after Queen Amidala became Senator Amidala, Panaka had a close working relationship with both Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Amidala, arranging political and military dealings highly favorable to Naboo.

Once Chancellor Palpatine became Emperor Palpatine, Panaka was instrumental in determining the former Queen of Naboo’s role in hiding Jedi fugitives, and as a reward for his service was appointed Moff over the Chommel Sector.

He has served as the Imperial Moff for 8 years, and has retained a large amount of prestige for keeping Naboo safe, Imperial interference to a minimum, and overseeing a massive boom in the Naboo economy.

Moff Panaka

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