Norin Kole, Aka Hoth

Loyal Stormtrooper Captain




Clone trooper from the Clone Wars, H0-14, aka Hoth, served with distinction during the wars, serving under Jedis such as Skywalker, Plo Koon, and Kenobi.

After the war, he continued to serve in the Imperial army, being promoted out of the front lines and into the Imperial War Brigade- a group of soldiers sent out on Public Relations duty, being stationed on a variety of planets.

A year before the war ended, on Corellia, Hoth met a woman named Akela Kole, a medic in the local hospital that patched him up after a droid ambush. They grew close during his recovery, and after the war ended, they reconnected.

They had a child shortly after the Clone Wars, and eventually settled on Naboo.

A loyalist to Moff Panaka, Hoth stayed behind to cover their exit after the betrayal of Javin MInara

After leading the Naboo resistance against Zsinj’s forces and the Rebellion-backed Gungan insurgency, Norin Kole was killed by a robed Force Wielder after being captured by Zsinj’s forces.

Norin Kole, Aka Hoth

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