Sable Company

Company of Pentastar Alignment Soldiers




Led by Lieutenant (j.g.) Camilla Casilda, Sable Company is a group of fresh military recruits sent to provide support and escort for the delegation to Naboo from Bastion


Command: Lieutenant (j.g.) Camilla Casilda (Human Female)
Support: Private Ress Shelpin (Human Male)
Engineer: Private Tahl Cadav (Human Male, Cyborg)
Support: Private Jasper Kurn (Human Male)
Support: Private Seithe Zamba (Human Female)
Support: Private Kymber Durron (Human Female)
Demolitions: Private Zula Tesh (Human Female)
Field Medic: Private Taima Sevanor (Human Female)
Support: Private Kalan Phlorek (Human Male)
Sniper: Cadet Rafin Pentag (Human Male)
Pilot: Private Staisha Monite (Human Female)
Support: Private Norwan Dyar (Human Male)
Support: Private Sorv Reis (Zabrak Male)

Sable Company

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