Rodian Fuel Merchant


Status: Alive
Current Location: Spy Station “Echo Chamber”



A fuel merchant recently arrived to the Blacktide, Seebo was in an unfortunate argument with the Zabrak gang working for Gorba the Hutt regarding “protection payment”

He arrived with his clan 3 months ago to Blacktide to escape the Imperial/Rebel confrontation. His clanmates set up a general store, a food stand, and various other businesses while Seebo took over fuel trading.

He arranged a sale of fuel and information in exchange for credits and Imperial issued blaster rifles, but had gone to ground during the riots in Blacktide after the apparent Imperial Invasion after being rescued from a Zabrak retaliation.

Seebo was recently captured by the Imperials and interrogated before being rescued by the protagonists. He was unable to remember much, but did recall that shortly before the rescue attempt, the Imperial Guardsman managed to break a member of the Rebellion that was then taken from the base to parts uknown.

Seebo is the leader of the Rodian clan on Blacktide, leading the clan in an alliance with the protagonists of mutual preservation.

Seebo’s clan has recently accepted Alwyn’s offer of employment, and has assumed a position of civilian authority on the spy station in the Silken Asteroids.


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