Tolwyn Kincaid, aka "Toolbox"

The eccentric repairman


Status: Alive
Current Location: Unknown

As Toolbox


As Tolwin Kincaid



TBX-1238, nicknamed Toolbox, was the most recent assignment to the stormtrooper patrol that went rogue after the Battle of Endor.

Somewhat of a mechanical savant, Toolbox has not taken their new situation as expected. He has grown somewhat dismissive of the chain of command, and has taken to tinkering with random items. Sometimes it’s weirdly useful, and sometimes it’s just weird.

He apparently is a ranking member of the House of Sirana, and is frequently courted by his uncle Alwyn to support the Outer Rim Confederacy, but has shown a profound distaste and at times open hostility towards him.

He recently was the target of a Rist assassin on Naboo after visiting fellow Alderaanians on Keren, but has remained tight lipped on the event.

Tolwyn Kincaid, aka "Toolbox"

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