Twi'lek family

Frightened family just looking to survive




A Twi’lek family hailing from Ord Mantel, the Sur’rik family was trapped in a residential building as the cyborgs rampaged through the streets.

Rescued by Hexx, Jinx, and Trebor, they escaped with the Radiant VII, with the father Er’dric heroically sacrificing himself to buy time for his family to escape only to be rescued by Trebor and Jinx before sliding to his death.

The family departed on Ord Mantell to start a new life for themselves.

Father – Er’dric
Mother – Zim’len
Eldest Daughter – Tok’rin
Middle Daughter – Auu’gu
Youngest Daughter – Rey’len
Male toddler – Der’ren

Twi'lek family

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