Base of Operations

The Reservoir – Currently Hostile


Built during the end of the Clone Wars, it is a modified Golan I defense platform stationed in the Silken Asteroids.

It’s primary duty was to monitor holonet transmissions of CIS forces in Wild Space – there were credible rumors of the Intergalactic Banking Clan moving credit vaults into extragalactic locales, but nothing was found.

Due to the war’s abrupt ending in 19 BBY, the station was never fullly operational – the shell was created, but an entire 2 levels were left unbuilt and crew accommodations ordered but never used. Very few members of the Republic military knew of its existence, and most of them died in the last gasp of the Clone Wars.

The majority of the weapons have been stripped from the station – it is left with 6 turbolaser batteries as it’s offensive capabilities, but has a vast array of Holonet transceivers to monitor Holonet Transmissions as far as the Core World of Corellia, and 12 oversized tractor beams to use the asteroid field as both camoflauge and a potential weapon.

After the crew of the Wandering Hunter and the Rodians joined the Outer Rim Confederacy at Alwyn’s invitation, the base was rechristened “Echo Chamber” and control was taken by Alwyn’s forces.

Lost Star Consortium Mining Outpost 1


A purchase from Boss Zast in Theed, this mining outpost serves as a low-tech, low visibility home base for the protagonists. Consisting of a landing platform and a stripped down hanger base, the base is lacking in amenities but is comfortably yet cautiously hidden.

The base was destroyed via orbital bombardment during Naboo’s civil war.

Base of Operations

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