The Ships


An old model Victory Star Destroyer originally commissioned during the Clone Wars, the Dominant had served with distinction during the Clone Wars but has been relegated to Outer Rim Patrols. It was drafted by Admiral Piett as part of the Endor assault on the Rebels due to it’s proximity. It was scheduled for decommissioning in 5 years, as the Empire was retrofitting it’s fleet and the Victory was seen as too costly.

It was destroyed in the Battle of Endor by a combined assault and boarding of 4 Corellian Corvettes.


An older model Skipray blastboat – from best it can be determined it was among the prototype line – that was liberated from the dying Victory Star Destroyer by Stormtrooper patrol unit 532. It has a set of unique, sometimes unoptimized ,or obsolete systems.

The ship was lost during the flight from Manaan. It’s rigged explosion provided cover for the escape of the protagonists from the shadowport.


An old model Corellian Frigate operational for decades before the Clone Wars, this retrofitted Republic Cruiser was purchased by the Rodians from an unknown Hutt contact at a “steep price”. It was promptly rechristened as The Wandering Hunter. Not all components were fully functional – the side turbolasers were locked into a specific firing arc, the front turbolaser was stripped for parts, and the concussion missile tubes had been empty for years – but the ship’s salon pod was set up to simulate humid Rodia, providing a bit of home for the wandering Rodian clan.

After the Imperial invasion of Manaan, the ship escaped into parts unknown, eventually having it’s crew of ex-Imperial humans and Rodians join Alwyn Sirana’s Outer Rime Confederacy.


A prototype Y-Wing recon vessel from the Clone War era, it was discovered on the hidden base. It is limited to forward blaster cannons only – all the other weapons were stripped – but has an extensive sensor suit that replaced the proton torpedo launchers and secondary blaster cannons. The second pilot seat was replaced with a modular cargo area. Prior to launching towards Naboo, the nacelles were modified to hold a small cargo area for the resupply run to Naboo.

The ship was located on The Reservoir when it was absorbed into the Outer Rim Confederacy and rechristened “Echo Chamber”


The Cosmic Castaway is a stock light freighter won by Hexx in a high stakes Sabaac game. it is currently being retrofitted and overhauled by Tolwyn


A newly acquired Skipray Blastboat model J, the Skipray was used to escape from Elrood and head to Naboo. It has been overhauled with a Nubian x1 Hyperdrive but otherwise has not been upgraded from it’s normal specifications.


The Remembrance is a Clone Wars era Venator class Star Destroyer, currently captained by Ishale Aban and a part of the Outer Rim Confederacy fleet. Another Venator, the Light of Glory, accompanies the ship as part of fleet group 8. The Remembrance is serving as the flagship of the Outer Rim Confederacy’s fleet group 8.


The Hammer of Alderaan is a pre-Clone War era dreadnaught, refurbished and upgraded by the Outer Rim Confederacy at Yag’Dhul. It, along with it’s sister ships Corellian Dream and Star of Destiny, are attached to the Outer Rim Confederacy Fleet Group 8.


The Law’s Reach is a former Imperial Custom’s frigate crewed by Irizon Aldrecht’s band of ex-stormtroopers. Currently serving as a mercenary vessel, the crew is part of the Outer Rim Confederacy Fleet Group 8 – for now.

The Ships

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