Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 65: From Bad to Deplorable and Back Again

Adrift in space, the crew plotted a course to the lat known safe harbor for repairs and selling the loot: Kittada itself.

Upon arriving at Kittada and paying for a tow to the spaceport, the protagonists split up: Bando and Hexx headed back to Alwyn’s estate, while Jinx stayed with the ship. Soon after Bando and Hexx arrived at the estate, all hell broke loose.

All the protagonists were taken by surprise as Kittada was assaulted by what appeared to be Zsinj’s Raptors. Bando and Hexx were pinned in at the estate as a new form of bomber rained death and destruction upon Alwyn’s Estate, which was holding due to the solid construction and hidden shield generators. Jinx, on the other hand, witnessed a quick and decisive invasion of the spaceport…and discovered that all the soldiers bore his exact likeness.

Bando and Hexx managed to escape Alwyn’s Island using the makeshift hovercraft…that was in actuality a makeshift podracer! They did not make it very far before being discovered…and the makeshift engines failing them. Left adrift in the ocean, they precariously treaded water whilst determining which direction to flee. After a few minutes, they were picked up by Alwyn’s forces of LAAT gunships that arrived to drive off the bombers. Rescued by Alwyn and his personal contingent of HK 51 droids, Bando succumbed to injuries and entered a shutdown mode, while Hexx passively witnessed the site of over a dozen LAAT gunships approaching the spaceport for a counter invasion.

Jinx had a much rougher time in the spaceport. Eventually retreating to the shuttle, he stowed his armor and the gear in the shuttle, and entered the pilot seat to scan the area. Realizing they were setting up detonite explosives on all the piers, he took the shuttle out to directly engage some of his clones in an ill-fated attempt to stop them. Successfully stopping the charges from going off and managing to take out 2 mortars and 2 E-Web gun emplacements, his already battered ship started to crash land…and accelerated when a clone managed to board the ship and directly engage Jinx in hand to hand combat. Proving marginally victorious, he managed to escape the shuttle as it crashed into the pier…and watched as it sank in the ocean sans the ejected cockpit. Frantically scrambling to the sinking shuttle, he was able to grab his pack and swim to the surface. The last sight Jinx saw before passing out was the invading LAAT gunships and the sounds of battle.

The battle was swift and one sided: Alwyn’s forces of over 200 HK droids were numerically superior and acted with swift brutality. A few HK droids were lost in the battle, but the entirety of the clones were destroyed. The next few days were spent in frantic preparations – Alwyn was planning something, and had an aggressive timetable.

Hexx managed to trade the items acquired from Alderaan to Alwyn for 100,000 credits and new, undisclosed ship. With those funds, he was able to pay for salvaged parts to fix Bando, who was furious that Hexx got a low balled price from Alwyn which spiraled into a heated argument between the two of them about hoarding information and not sharing. Jinx eventually came too in time to avoid being put to death with his clones, and got a taste of battlefield first aid from an HK droid: seared wounds, and a massive dose of both painkillers and adrenaline.

After half a day of getting their bearings, they approached Alwyn about a ship he promised them. Explaining that most of his ships were unavailable – and their track record was abyssmal, as they had the last ship for less than 6 hours – he gave them an LAAT gunship and instructed them to get it space worthy and leave for Ilum within 48 hours. Pressed as to why the tight schedule, Alwyn informed them that this battle was the reason he wanted them gone in the first place, and that he was luring Kantor into a prolonged battle to expend resources recklessly.

The protagonists quickly spent a good sum of the funds on getting the ship ready: hiring Mon Cal divers to salvage parts from the Nu-class shuttle to install a hyperdrive on the LAAT gunship, obtaining spare parts to make a jury-rigged vacuum seal on the ship, and parts for a refresher. With the ship assembled, they departed for Ilum once more, just in time to see massive planetary shields being raised on a mostly evacuated Kittada.

The journey to Ilum went rather uneventfully until they arrived at Alsaka to obtain supplies. The party split up to obtain much needed supplies, including clothing for Jinx and jetpack fuel for Hexx. The party was somewhat acrimonious at this point, as Hexx was sullen over Jinx’s insistence on keeping the lightsaber for himself and Bando was growing tired off it all, resulting in an increase of petty behavior. As they all split up, they managed to end up in the same place: the Alsakan black market.

While in the Black Market, Jinx was able to track down an individual that could provide more detail on how to construct a lightsaber, trading Master Plo Koon’s lightsaber to the merchant in exchange for a book on how to construct one. Not being able to decipher it – and finding others viewed it as simply a book on Alsakan history – Jinx met back up with Hexx and Bando, as they left a fitful meeting with a black marketeer that had a lightfoil for sale for an exorbinant price of 50,000 credits. Getting suckered into a Mandalorian dueling ring as the price for obtain jet pack fuel, Hexx and Jinx punched out some differences between heading back to the ship for yet another heated argument between Hexx and Jinx, resulting in Bando having to convince them both to get along and head to Ilum.


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