Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 69: The Cost of Heroism

As everyone spent time recuperating, they spent their time on gathering information.

Hexx explored the ships, finding another clone of his in command of the Lucrehulk named “Mr Antilles”, and quickly determined he was a gangster. The prices on the ships were ludicrous, the goods mediocre, and law enforced by “Friends of Antilles”.

Jinx visited the Recuscant cruisers, being goaded into running through an airless series of corridors to find Bando. As he explored the ship, he ran into the Mandalorian versions of Jhorin, along with their clan leader, Jenadahl Jennaris. In speaking with her, he was floored to realize she was his aunt…and that his cousin married Wyndaam. Off put by the crass treatment of the clones embracing Mando’a culture, he left to find Bando with “the Dwarf”

Arriving at the Dwarf’s workshop, he found a squat yet exceptionally muscular clone of himself repairing Bando. Finding the “dwarf” to be a bit more friendly but still standoff-ish, he left with a repaired Bando to meet back up with Hexx.

Bando, having been repaired by the Dwarf, retrieved his items and left, bemused at Jinx’s interactions with his clones.

Meeting back up with Hexx, they discovered the arrival of the final captain: a mobile asteroid space station. Boarding the station, which Bando realized was the fabled “Port Nowhere”, or at least the most current iteration of the mysterious shadowport, they discovered not only was Strahn the captain, but the entire station was a mobile casino.

After a brief meeting – in which Bando was pulled aside by Jenadahl and given command of a small attack ship/transport – Wyndaam informed them that the captains were meeting on Mr Antilles’ Lucrehulk for a long, multi-day meeting and were not to be disturbed.

As the day went on, they found themselves with idle time on their hands. Hexx, having explored Ilum, proposed that they spend their down time investigating a small base that he found buried in the ice. Leaving with Bando’s ship – which he promptly broke the hyperdrive by colliding with the hull of a Recuscant – they left to investigate the base.


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