Admiral Ishale Aban

Captain of the Outer Rim Confederacy Star Destroyer Remembrance




A near human Captain in the ranks of the Outer Rim Confederacy, Ishale originally hailed from the Hapes Consortium. She enlisted in the Imperial military for reasons known only to her, but had a relatively unremarkable career.

Once the Empire started crumbling, Ishale quickly rallied to the cause of the Outer Rim Confederacy, and used knowledge gained from unknown sources to locate derelict and otherwise abandoned Venator and Acclamator class Star Destroyers for the Outer Rim Confederacy fleet.

She was promoted to Captain by Alwyn himself, and served as the commander of his battle group stationed in Yag’Dhul.

Captain Aban assisted in the Battle of Naboo without direct orders from Outer Rim Confederate High Command, and is currently investigating the actions of Patren Elrood and Alwyn’s mysterious silence.

Admiral Ishale Aban

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