Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 68: Big Damn Heroes

As Wyndaam, Hexx, and Jinx investigated Ilum to determine what was causing the corruption, Bando rallied with the Mandalorians to prepare a rescue in the event things went sideways..which they did.

Heading towards the cavern, Hexx crash landed Wyndaam’s ship into an icy cavern. As they made their way out of the destroyed shuttle, battered and winded, they heard the distinct howls of the beasts known as Tua’Kata…and a large, earth-shaking series of stomps from a massive creature heading their way in the snow storm.

Maxil, having placed a tracker on Wyndaam’s shuttle, enlisted the aid of the Mandalorians to help rescue Wyndaam…after a long series of “negotiations” with her mother. With the clan putting plans in motion – including a special shuttle made by the “Dwarf” Jhorin with Beskar plating and lightning rods for the storms – a group of Mandalorians assembled for glorious battle…with Bando in tow.

On planet, Wyndaam, Hexx, and Jinx fended off the Tua’Kata horde…but their initial burst was quickly blunted by superior numbers. They were dealt a series of injuries, but took heart as they saw ships coming down in the distance…only to see a large part of them break off to head down the ravine towards the large stomping sound. A lone Mandalorian came to their aid, blasters akimbo. Besting the Tua’Kata, the wounded warriors braced for the large creature.

Meanwhile, Bando and the Mandalorians engaged the large creature, over 50 feet tall. Not doing damage directly, the sustained blaster fire from the hovering Mandalorians slowed the beast, and began damaging the thick, chiton armor. Bando, however, noticed a clash of colors behind them – red and green blades were clashing. Heading out to investigate, he bit off more than he could effectively chew.

Bando found himself in the middle of a battle between the young Twi’lek Padawan, and what appeared to be an animated corpse wielding a ghostly red blade. The ghost blasted the Twi’lek with Force Lightning, and as he was moving in for a killing blow was engaged by Bando. Armed with his Beskar blade, Bando abandoned his distrust of the Force, using all he could muster to break the guard of the creature and bite it. As he delivered a crushing blow, he was surprised and concerned as the creature began reforming the skeleton…and was blow back when the Twi’lek padawan charged the spirit..and they both erupted in a force explosion, leaving nothing but a broken lightsaber and tattered robes.

As they engaged the large creature – visibly weakened by the Mandalorians – Wyndaam, Hexx, and Jinx were infused with the Force. Newly invigorated, they engaged and defeated the large beast, which dissolved into the ether.

As Bando – battered, weary, and damaged- limped into joining the rest of the team, a ship was dispatched to pick up the protagonists as they watched the storms of Ilum clear out and a peace descended onto Ilum.


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