Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 70: Relics of Empires Long Dead

As they explored the base, Bando took point to limit the cold exposure. Exploring the base, they found odd Imperial emblems – black and red rather than black and white – and the base a disaster – rooms were unpowered, computers destroyed, and centuries of neglect rendering anything in the base unusable.

Eventually discovering the ruined fusion plant, Bando copied the data from the backup geothermal reactor while Jinx and Hexx tried to repair the conduits. He discovered that the final battle was between 3 Force users – an unknown acrobatic alien female with a green blade, a Mirilian wielding a blue blade, and the red, bony alien wielding a red blade. The red bladed Force user was cut down while the generator was destroyed as collateral damage, and recognized the features of the alien as similar to the undead he fought previously.

As they prepared to leave the base, they got notice from Strahn that a few captains were having a heated “debate” on his casino…and that they were a topic of discussion. Heading back to the casino, the protagonists investigated why they were so important…and found out some interesting information.

Wyndaam and a group of his crew was in a three way argument – in Mando’a – with Zannah Bellanar, the Cadimimu captain of the Marauder Corvette and her pirate crew, and the Jhorin entourage of 8 clone troopers, 4 Mandalorians, Jenadahl, and Crispis – who Bando recognized was an actual Clone Wars clone who appeared to be in prime age. Hexx was floored by a moment – having just now meeting the 12 copies of Jhorin – and took some time to process the situation.

As the discussions went on, the protagonists split up and discovered what was going on. Wyndaam noticed that the scouts sent to the unknown regions noticed some odd activity – a battle in the sector between unknown parties, and was requesting the protagonists aid in discovered the threat – and potentially dealing with it. Jenadahl – who Hexx discovered was Jinx’s Aunt – and her paramour Crispis – were notified by their agents in the core that a stockpile of clones was at risk at being destroyed by a strike force of Pentastar Alignment and Rebellion fleets. Zannah, meanwhile, notified them that Alwyn was calling in his markers and needed their assistance in rescuing a group of Alderaanians on Cademimu that were being detained by the Pentastar Alignment.

After hearing the pitches, Bando pushed to go rescue the clones and discover more about the clone army of Kantor, while Jinx pushed to rescue the Alderaanians. It was eventually decided – reluctantly by Jinx – to rescue the clones.

The Recuscant cruisers departed for Roxuli, and the protagonists saw the Jhorins prepare for a war – no ordinance was held back, and they were operating with extreme prejudice. Arriving in the system and meeting with 3 Golan platforms, Hexx and Jinx piloted a LAAT with 50 clone troopers to the cloning facility, while Bando HALO jumped with over 100 Mandalorians. With the capital ships providing cover, the base was assaulted.

The protagonists were surprised by the brutality and carnage they witnessed. The clone troopers were moving with extreme speed and efficiency, taking little casualties as they captured the command center. Bando went with the Mandalorians to rescue the clones, and blasted their way into the cloning centers. Electing to not rescue the Wyndaam clones, Bando started the process of bring the clones out of stasis and went to meet up with Jinx in the command center.

As he arrived, he saw Jinx frantically attempting to save all the data he could as a slicing program was terminating all data. With Hexx at the ship scavenging droid parts – coming away with only the arm gun of a B2 battle droid – they compared notes. They discovered that the order for the clones initiated from Serenno, the droids were built by Baktoid Armor Workshop, the base was leftover by a small section of Kaminoans that were using the isolation to breed custom strains of clones, Ithorrians were being conscripted to do the clones of Jhorin and Wyndaam, and that the researchers were all fitted with the cybernetic implants used on Yag’Dhul that terrified Jinx.

As Bando took the head of an Ithorian with the implant, they were being recalled to join the fleet. Hexx took the LAAT into space, pushing the ship beyond it’s capabilities as they went to the source of a distress beacon: the debris field from a shattered Golan and the Mandalorian Recuscant cruiser that rammed it. Rescuing the 3 survivors, they found the Jhorin reinforcements: 2 Mandalorian Corvettes joined the fray, and they left to meet with the command ship.

Meanwhile, Bando and the shuttles evacuated the facility as explosives were left behind, and arrived at the flagship, which he quickly recognized as a CIS command ship of the Providence-class. As they docked, he noticed that the ship had a dreadnought locked in a tractor beam, keeping it in place between themselves and the Golan platform.

After everyone arrived, the ships left to head back to Ilum. Taking stock, they lost one Recuscant cruiser, with the Jhorin clone known as “the Dwarf” sacrificing both himself and their stockpile of Beskar to take out a Golan. The clone troopers also were requiring medical assistance – in observing them, Jinx noticed they seemed to be taking a high dose of Adrenals that would take a toll on their health.

When they arrived, the fallout of their actions became apparent.

Wyndaam returned, with the Y-wings escorting him destroyed. He came back with a blue skinned alien familiar to the protagonists, and with the data that the Chiss outpost was utterly destroyed…and the attackers were an unknown species that had Chiss prisoners of war encased with transparisteel bubbles along the hull, daring their opponents to attack them and kill innocent civilians. The blue skinned aliens had no survivors of important, and a dangerous foe was on their doorstep.

Strahn, before departing, passed along messages from the core: Zannah and her crew were able to rescue 500 of the 1000 Alderaanians on Cademimu. The Pentastar Alignment ships opened fire on the settlement from orbit, under the guise of taking out a war criminal. In response, Alwyn took his entire fleet into the Pentastar Alignment’s Relgim sector, notifying them that he had “taken the Maelstrom”. Miriam was announced as the new leader of the sector, deposing the Naboo Queen in Exile Seramie via military coup, and announced their succession from the Pentastar Alignment…and that the protagonists were not welcome.

As the ramnifications of their actions set in, the protagonists stopped to catch a breath, wondering just what awaited them…


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