Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 71: Cross Purposes

As they arrived back at Ilum, there was no rest to be had. The fallout of their actions was immediate and pressing.

After being summoned to their respective vessels, the protagonists met back up on Strahn’s base to obtain transport. After Jinx’s quick change of clothes into regal attire, they were taken to their new ship: a Corellian XS-800 freighter named Distant Wind.

Taking off on the first leg of their excursion, the protagonists kept their respective missions mostly to themselves. What was shared by each of them was that Bando needed their help in obtaining an item in General Blackwood’s – Jinx and Hexx’s father- vault, while Jinx was heading to Bastion to extract Jasmine Kole and Hexx to Maelstrom to get Toolbox.

Arguing over their route, they made their way to Ansion to pick up a contact per Hexx’s request. As Hexx and Bando left to try and find supplies and research an item they found in smuggling compartments – and paid off a creditor of the former ship’s owner -, Jinx ran into their contact: a gaunt and strung out Morag.

As Morag prepped the ship to launch, Hexx and Bando scrambled back on board. They headed towards Aeten per Morag’s request (and Jinx’s annoyance), as Morag instructed them to head to Maelstrom first. After delivering the directives, Morag retired to her quarters and was not seen for the length of the journey.

From Aeten, they traveled to Yaga Minor. As they approached, their situation turned grim. Morag’s condition deteriorated, and after delivering to Bando the access codes for the ship to bluff their way past the fleet, she passed out. Jinx snuck her off to the medical bay, and determined she was at least malnourished, dehydrated, and on far too many stims, including taking them after an initial treatment for dehydration that drained their supplies. Bando convinced Yaga Minor to allow them to pass to their new location – Ord Trasi – after claiming ignorance as to the fate of Maelstrom.

With supplies low, Bando jumped to the next planet on the corridor: Entralla. Along the way, Jinx and Hexx succumbed to dehydration and malnourishment, leaving Bando to take care of arrangements. Taking advantage of Hexx’s situation, he obtained a cred stick for 25,000 credits and arranged a berth on the planet to buy supplies.

In a 3 hour window, Bando and to a lesser extent Hexx set off to resupply the ship. Bando was able to obtain a series of medical supplies, fuel, and weapons from various contacts on Entralla – both Pentastar Alignment and the rebellious Red Moon factions – but drained the credstick from Hexx and tapped into alternative sources.

With the new items in tow, Jinx was brought back to barely conscious while Hexx recovered on his own, with a newly purchased Medical Droid keeping an eye on Morag as the ship careened towards the next stop: Muunilist.


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