Star Wars: Uncertain Times, Desperate Measures

Chapter 22: Actions have Consequences
Interlude Chapter

The protagonists rested and regrouped following the Battle of Naboo, catching up with Tolwyn and getting the situation reports. Finding out they were relatively restricted to the ship for the time being, they elected to explore the ship. As they were all on the Outer Rim Confederacy’s wanted for questioning list for being an associate of Tolwyn, they explored Aban’s flagship incognito while they awaited word from the scouts on the planet.

Jinx reintegrated himself with life as a soldier – following orders, getting meals, and working all day repairing Starfighters – before finding a random empty room and falling fast asleep. Bando claimed a corner of the hangar bay for himself, and proceeded to work on droids until passing out in a hammock in the hangar bay. Seely explored the abandoned section of the Venator’s crew quarters where the Jedi were known to make their quarters, finding an abandoned yet functional holonet computer where she attempted to find out more information on the intervening years before falling asleep. Hexx attempted to recruit a few pilots of the Y Wings to take him back planetside, but was caught and captured. Upon interrogation, he gave his name as Bando Wyn, and proceeded to be stunned and taken to an interrogator and interrogation droid for questioning.

The protagonists were summoned in the morning by Captain Aban, including Hexx, where they explained that Aban’s Fleet Group 7 was, officially, stopping by Naboo for Rest and Relaxation when they were assaulted by Zsinj’s forces. As they were just defending themselves, they were not directly intervening with the Naboo war between the Rebel-backed Gungans and Zsinj-backed Humans, but were keeping a close eye on Keren. They also let the protagonists know both that they were sending a crew to the crater that was once Moenia to explore the area, and investigating a derelict ship on the other side of the system.

The protagonists split, with Seely and a reluctant Bando heading to Moenia to investigate the supposed vault, and Jinx and Hexx going to the derelict ship.

Seely and Bando explored the Vault, with Bando showing a mix of an unexpected acceptance of Seely’s Force abilities with utter contempt and derision for the Jedi. In the vault, they discovered that it was not the Emperor’s Vault, but rather a Hutt Cartel vault, ransacked and raided. The fried computer core did showcase some useful information: the vault was raided for information and items related to a Dr Vindi, whom Bando and Seely remembered as a Confederate rogue scientist working on a weaponized version of the Blue Shadow virus – a terrifying plague capable of wiping out entire planets in a matter of days.

Jinx and Hexx explored the derelect Consular-class cruiser. The ship was riddled with blaster marks and hull breaches, with no power or life signs present. Upon boarding the ship, Jinx powered up the engines on a minimal mode and discovered 3 dead bureacrats in the engine room – dead from vacuum exposure. Jinx headed to the bridge, passing more dead via vacuum bureacrats, and accessed the bridge. The captain and co-pilot were both dead, but seemed to have died from blaster fire rather than vacuum. Researching the missing salon pod, they were able to pull logs showing an assault by 12 TIEs of unknown configuration that decimated the ship. The TIEs captured the salon pod and all inhabitants, and pulled back to the Victory on planet. They did catch a call from them referencing to 2 captured packages.

The protagonists regrouped on Naboo, in a small villa in the mountains near Moenia. Seely immediately sensed a lingering dark side presence, and noticed Sith script along the monuments in the now-deserted villa belonging to the Emperor. Meeting at the villa with Captain Aban, Captain Kole and Lt. Kole, and Tolwyn, information was shared.

Hexx and Jinx relayed that the consular ship was heavily damaged and theories that the Naboo Queen and Moff Panaka were captured, but also that they had Morag start the process of towing it back for repairs. Seely and Bando relayed that the vault belonged to the Hutts, and that they were looking for Dr Vindi and most likely the Blue Shadow Virus. The Koles relayed information regarding the issue with finding the villa – which Seely thought was a Dark Side force mirage effect – but that they eventually discovered it. Aban relayed that they intercepted 2 communications – one of which had Patren Elrood communicating with the TIEs that took out the consular vessel and showing an apparent collusion with Zsinj’s forces. Tolwyn then showed a captured message between a dark cloaked human and Boss Zast, where it was revealed that Zast set the ambush at his storehouse to remove a Hutt rival on Naboo and used the weapons provided by the antagonists to throw blame on the Imperials, inadvertently starting a civil war that exceeded Zast’s hopes. Zast informed the dark cloaked figure that with the peace-loving Bosses dead, he would press to remove all the Naboo interlopers from the planet and would hold up his end of the bargain.

And with that, Tolwyn smashed the holocommunicator and the protagonists sat in stunned silence, as they realized their unwitting role in causing the strife on Naboo

Chapter 21: The Unwanted Calvary
Season 2

The protagonists regrouped the next day, scattered and with a variety of concerns all weighing on their minds. Captain Norin Kole and Lieutenant Jasmine Kole were having heated arguments in the war room, Bando and Jinx drew weapons on each other, and Hexx grew increasingly frustrated at no good available option, eventually settling on brooding over Tolwyn and his freighter, eventually taking a ride over the oceans of Naboo and determining that there may be salvageable wreckage in the water from the Trade Federation embargo.

The conflict came to a head outside the war room, with Jinx and Bando again scuffling while Hexx and the Koles discussed scenarios. The situation ended when Arix ordered both Bando and Jinx to their quarters to separate them. Tensions were high amongst the team with limited time until “phase 2” of Zsinj’s plan was due to begin, and everyone tried to bring their own plans to fruition.

Hexx met up with Bando in the fusion core, and they proceeded to attempt to transform the protocol droid into a covert spy. Hexx also had Tarion attempting to convert the unarmed LAAT gunship into something that could be a submersible. The Twi’lek Seely met with Anolo and acquired 5 doses of a compound that would render them effectively dead to sensors for 1 hour in an attempt to sneak aboard a shuttle and tasked Morag with obtaining command codes. Jinx proceeded to work on the Skipray to get it operational as an escape route. Norin and his storm troopers went to work on the AT-TE, while Lieutenant Kole observed data from Moenia.

Their events lasted throughout the evening, with varying degrees of failure. Morag was unable to acquire the shuttle command codes for Seely, who was unable to convince the others of the viability of a plan to board and destroy a Super Star Destroyer. Bando was unable to install the assassination protocol codes in the droid, which malfunctioned and attempted to power on and target all “meatbags” in the vicinity and the eventual dismantling of the droid. Jinx made little headway in the skipray, and the conversion of the LAAT was going slowly.

The following evening, while working on the LAAT gunship, Hexx and Bando noticed the AT-TE that Norin was working on powered on, and proceeded to leave the base. Assuming it was a shake down cruise, they thought nothing of it until Jasmine frantically began searching and scanning to attempt to find the AT-TE. Hexx, Jinx, Bando and Seely met up to find out what was causing a commotion, and determined that Norin – having grown tired of the inaction – took the AT-TE and the stormtroopers under his command on a direct route to Moenia. Hexx tried to follow in his T-47, but found out that the power cell was drained completely. After some debate, the protagonists armed and armored themselves, and set off to find Norin in the remaining craft available to them: the LAAT gunship.

Hexx piloted the LAAT towards Moenia, when they began noticing odd sensor readings coming from orbit…and saw the TIE fighters scrambling from Theed, Moenia, and Keren to go orbital. As Hexx pulled up and sent the LAAT into high atmosphere, they found out that 5 Venator ships were closing in on the Victory in orbit, launching hundreds of fighters as they approached.

They attempted to hail the fleet, and were contacted by Tolwyn, who sarcastically apologized for being late but had to find a ship. He informed them they were attempting to break the blockade over Naboo….but avoid the Super Star Destroyer on the other end of the system. Hexx then proceeded to dive back towards Moenia to investigate the area and find Captain Kole over the objections of Seely, and ran into another problem.

As they approached Moenia, they saw that the Victory Star Destroyer was launching from Moenia. Fearing that they found what they were looking for, they made for an intercept course to attempt to slow the Star Destroyer from leaving. As they approached, they saw with horror as the Victory unleashed a point blank turbolaser bombardment on the city and 20 kilometers around it, pulverizing any buildings, killing any people, and cratering the entire area. Seely also sensed a dark and malicious presence on the ship, equally frustrated and pleased at the events as they were transpiring.

They got off a shot at the shield dome as they made their run with their Mass Driver cannon, but were unable to harm it very much due to the excessive armor on the Victory. They proceeded to chase it as they exited Moenia, and were rapidly running out of time until Bando discovered the LAAT was modified as a prototype MAAT gunship – the side openings were covered by mag-lock panels and the cockpit sealed, providing limited time available for space operations in near-orbit.

Following the Victory, they continued to fire upon it as it fled but were unable to prevent it from fleeing into hyperspace along with the other Victory – in much worse conditions due to the battling with the 5 Venators, but managing to cripple one of them – after recalling the TIE fighters. As Hexx brought the wounded gunship back into orbit, they were pursed by 3 ships – 2 TIE fighters, and one TIE of an unknown design.

The 1 TIE Fighter was thrown off course by Seely – using the Force to telekinetically pull the yoke – and the other TIE broke off towards Theed after a strafing run at the gunship, unwilling to face return fire. The other TIE, however, proceeded to unload on the gunship with a barrage of laser fire weakening the hull, ion blasts attempting to but largely ineffective at frying the electronics…and eventually unloading a concussion missile at the gunship, blowing a sizeable hole in the hull and heavily damaging the engines.

The TIE proceeded to make a stunning aerial 180 and fled into atmosphere, eventually leaping into lightspeed. Hexx made a rough landing at the base, after which everyone exited and proceeded to restart bickering with one another.

Tolwyn sent a shuttle for the protagonists, and entertained them aboard Admiral Aban’s Venator – as Tolwyn was technically wanted by the O.R.C. for supposed war crimes, he was never officially present at on board. They discussed various future scenarios, with Tolwyn trying to cheer up a noticeably despondent Hexx, and everyone puzzling out what the future holds.

Chapter 20: Fork in the Road

After recording the events around the Moenia garrison, Hexx left the following morning for the base to share his findings. Bando made good progress on fixing the R2 astromech droid, while Jinx was tricked by Ryo into sobering up.

Hexx and Jinxed walked the base separately, working on various things and examining the people in the base…including a few of them, notably Arix and Jasmine, getting into heated arguments.

With time not on their side, Hexx polled the base on their preferred courses of action. Arix noted Jasmine’s naive viewpoints and professed a willingness to deal with whomever was winning in a search for credits. Jasmine voiced a preference to find Panaka and recruit the Gungans and their Rebel allies in an attempt to evict Zsinj’s troops in a similar manner of the Trade Federation’s Naboo occupation. Norin viewed the situation as needing external help, floating the idea of the Outer Rim Confederacy or even Mandalorian mercenaries. The rest of the base did not have much of an opinion, but Castus did let Hexx know that if they wanted to try to play both sides he would take an extended vacation off planet.

As the evening wound down, the protagonists reflected on the events and tried to collect their thoughts. Bando kept having increasingly intense flashbacks to the Clone Wars – secret bases, insurgencies, droids, Clone soldiers, and a feud over Naboo – that was impeding his progress…especially after he noticed Norin was a Clone. Hexx tried to clear his thoughts, but he had vivid images of space battles, flying in a dogfight, capital ships exploding, and an everpresent cold and malicious feeling that he last recalled feeling at Endor. Jinx mediated on the mountainside to try and gain perspective, and during his meditation his mind conjured images of fire raining down on Naboo, TIE fighters blasting Naboo buildings to pieces, a battle roaring in the space around Naboo, and a dark and malicious presence at the edge of his perceptions, causing his entire body to react in horror.

The protagonists all felt, in some shape or form, dark days ahead.

Chapter 19: Off We Go

After escaping in the AT-TE, the protagonists fled to the mountain base to regroup and rearm.

Captain Norin Kole’s men were attended to by Anolo in the infirmary – who was none too pleased at Jinx bringing in more outsiders. Bando went back to tinkering with his droids, with memories of the Clone Wars popping up with uncomfortable regularity for unknown reasons.

Jinx and Hexx got into an argument regarding the course of action, and Jinx left to go get drunk. Hexx consulted with Mena and Morag, and determined a possible location of the Emperor’s retreat was near Moenia, and decided to leave shortly to scout out the location.

Jasmine rejoined the group at the mountain base, with a series of crates she “liberated” from deep storage at the palace in Theed by request of her father, Norin Kole. They unpacked a series of Naboo sculptures and statues…which Norin proceeded to destroy!

Hexx and Jinx left him to his destructive spree, and argued again over which approach to take. Their disagreement was cut short when the rest of the base suddenly got quiet. Investigating the main hanger, they discovered that Norin had unearthed a block of carbonite…with what appeared to be a sentient frozen inside.

They proceeded to dethaw the carbonite prisoner – a female Twi’Lek – whom Norin seemed to have more than passing familiarity with and treated as a superior office. The Twi’Lek quickly was taken to recover from Carbonite sickness, while the rest of the base wondered what was going on.

Hexx left to scout Moenia after the commotion with the carbonite individual dimmed. Upon arriving, he noticed a very disturbing sight: Moenia was fully garrisoned with a very large Zsinj presence…including a Victory Star Destroyer landed outside the city!

Chapter 18: Down We Go

The protagonists split the party, with Jinx and Hexx exploring the corridor down the shield generator and Bando & Castus went to investigate the AT-TE.

Exploring the staircase down, Jinx and Hexx discovered a deep underground bunker – with the door unlocked and battered. Exploring the bunker, they discovered the remains of a vicious battle, with multiple dead Imperials littering the corridors.

In exploring one of the rooms, Jinx and Hexx came across 2 Interrogation Droids, which they handily and quickly dispatched, with Hexx unloading a clip into the Interrogation Droid. They came across the interrogation room, and it would appear to have been needless yet brutally effective interrogation techniques used on 5 lifeless bodies. The rest of the bunker was explored, with Jinx discovering that his command codes were ineffective, yet Hexx had sufficient codes to access the restricted corridors.

Further exploration lead to a command and control room…and an ambush by 3 more Interrogation Droids. Hexx was brutally assaulted by one of the droids, and his near-lifeless body hauled away by one of the droids. Jinx battled the remaining droids, unloading over a clip into the 3 droids and eventually rendering them inoperative.

Quickly applying a medpac to Hexx – whose armor was destroyed but barely kept him alive – they proceeded to investigate the main console. After some experimentation with the consoles and the R2 droid, they discovered a holo of the events.

There was an insurrection shortly after the Zsinj take over of Naboo, with an Imperial Captain named Javin Minara leading a coup against forces loyal to Moff Panaka. A vicious battle occurred, with both forces slowly evacuating the base, with Moff Panaka’s smaller force falling back through restricted corridors while Captain Minara’s forces secured the Imperial Hanger bay. Captain Minara activated 2 Droidekas from the Hanger bay and sent them after Moff Panaka’s group, who split into 2 teams to draw off the droids.

After copying as much of the data as possible, Jinx and Hexx left to explore the restricted area corridors…and ran into a semi-functional droideka. After a few tense exchanges of fire, the droideka was destroyed. Hexx left to investigate the small secret hanger at the end of the restricted tunnels, discovering a small, now empty hanger. Jinx explored the tunnel and discovered 6 Imperial army stormtroopers, being led by an aged Imperial captain.

Jinx was shot at initially, before explaining the situation to Captain Norin Kole and coming to the conclusion that the base needed immediate evacuation. As they left the base, the shield generator powered down and the base was beginning to be overwhelmed. They quickly escaped the base, as TIE bombers started leveling the base.

Hexx commed Bando, who informed them that they left with the gunship once the shield fell and were strategically withdrawing. With no other options, the survivors boarded the AT-TE, and Captain Kole began piloting the AT-TE away from the base into the mountains.

With Hexx manning the main cannon, they took out a TIE fighter trying to engage the AT-TE, and the survivors fled into the mountains around Deeja Peak as the main base erupted from the bombardment…and self-destruct initiated by Norin.

Game 17: Jinx, you idiot!

After Jinx and his rescued captive were evacuated from Theed by Bando and Castus, the protagonists retreated to the bunker to regroup and assess the situation.

The next day, after enduring orbital bombardments, AT AT assaults, and TIE bombings on nearby Deeja Peak, the protagonists launched an investigation into the occupation by Zsinj and why they would have come to Naboo, far from his acknowledged territory.

Bando worked with Morag and Mena to peruse the data gathered from Theed’s University, and together with his knowledge of the pre-Empire Naboo, determined that Zsinj would be looking for information, rather than territory or production. Coupled with Naboo’s historical importance as the homeworld of Palpatine, Bando and Morag concluded that Zsinj would be after a rumored Emperor’s Retreat on Naboo – a personal storehouse of Palpatine, containing unknown secrets and potential prototype technology.

Jinx led an interrorgation of his Imperial captive, Lt Jasmine Kole, that quickly showed the limitations of Stormtrooper training. Jinx was quickly shown to be overmatched, and the tables were quickly and skillfully turned against Jinx, as he led her throughout the base to accomplish her goal of contacting her superiors in Imperial Command. After briefly establishing contact with her commander and apparently receiving orders from Moff Panaka, Jinx took Lt. Kole back to Theed to report on the activity of Zsinj’s Raptors.

Upon returning to the base, Jinx got an earful from Hexx – as he left the skipray to get a status update from Arix – regarding his rather poor judgment, to wit Jinx responded “Yeah, I’m a stormtrooper not ISB…and by the way, they know we are deserters”. Hexx then proceeded to discuss the situation at base with Arix regarding chain of command, in which Arix stated that in terms of managing and running the Lone Star Consortium base, she was in charge of the employees and the finances – they were at the protagonists disposal, but as they were military and not businessmen, she would control the finances to ensure the base did not collapse due to overtaxing resources. Hexx left, with the discussion to be continued, but with a better understanding of the working dynamic and more assurance that a Wandering Hunter repeat was not in the works.

Later that evening, the protagonists determined to infiltrate Deeja Peak and determine if they could locate the Emperor’s Retreat. Upon approaching Deeja Peak, they managed to turn off the base’s shielding for a small window by transmitting their stormtrooper codes and landed.

Exploring the area, they determined that Deeja Peak had been abandoned for at least a week – all computers powered down and non-functional, dust layering in the corridors, and no visible signs of the garrison or the politicians. In the maintenance bay, they discovered 8 TIE fighters in states of disrepair – of which Hexx determined were intentionally sabotages to be unfit to fly rather than by happenstance – and a functioning AT-TE walker.

With the orbital bombardment intensifying, the protagonists researched the shield generator to see if it could garner any clues to the base. Running out of options, Hexx initiated a false feed back loop, causing the system to show the shield generator failing. An R2 series droid emerged from a hidden compartment in the shield generator and headed to the panel to fix the issue. The rest of the team circled around the generator to investigate the entrance – a long, dark stone circular staircase heading underground and concluded that if they wanted answers, they were down there.

Game 16 part 2: The Savior of Naboo

As the chaos raged in Naboo, being quelled with military precision by the black-clad soldiers, a message cut through the static on Naboo, blanketing every holocam and comm-channel on Naboo:

Greetings fair and noble citizens of Naboo. Fear not my Raptors in your cities – they are merely protecting you from an unprovoked alien insurgency. At the request of the sole surviving Council member of the Queen – bless her soul – Amaren Vel, Naboo has come under my protection. No longer will you have a relic of the bygone era as Moff, nor an Empire turning a blind eye to your plight. A new, glorious era awaits as part of my new Empire. The best days are yet to come, and complying with my Raptors will ensure you experience that future and all it’s marvels.

Welcome to the future, Naboo. Warlord Zsinj, out.

Game 16: Predictable Chaos

While the protagonists retreated to their mountain stronghold to assess the situation, the situation on Naboo flared up in a disasterous way.

Racial tensions, long simmering but otherwise contained, between the Gungans and Naboo erupted over the deaths of multiple Gungans at what appeared to be Imperial hands, with the human officers of the Theed police unable to find a culprit. The issues drew in crowds from the surrounding systems, causing Naboo to surge with outside influence. The issue also drew supporters for both the Empire and the Rebellion to Naboo, with the rebel insurgents backing the Gungans and the Imperial supporters supporting the humans of Naboo…whether they wanted them to or not.

The protagonists ventured forth to Keren to investigate the happenings at the Alderaanian-predominated casinos. There, Jinx and Bando – aka Jean-Francois Gauthier of Coruscant – discovered a subtle change in the atmosphere. Non-humans were being slightly detained for “customer service questions to ensure quality service”, the casinos made a point to ensure that people were out at a reasonable time, and alcohol was more carefully monitored. Jinx reviewed a survey while Bando gambled, and concluded that the innocuous questions could very easily be utilized in an offensive manner to subdue any non-human.

Returning to the bunker – and suspicious that something bad was going to occur – the protagonists began to redouble efforts. Bando worked on his droid models and updating his custom H0-B0 protocol-combat droid, installing updated programming and reinforcing the armor plates, while Jinx worked with Hexx to strip out the miniaturized components installed on the skipray to find the tracking systems. The rest of the employees went about their tasks – Ryo Rey and Anolo Jade dramatically increased their draw on the corporate accounts to build a supply surplus of food and medicine, the slicers were probing Naboo’s planetary network, and the engineers cannibalized parts from the skipray to reinforce the base, adding a shield generator to cover the opening and capital grade turbolaser emplacements.

A few days later – and after much more agitation on the streets – it was announced that the Queen of Naboo, along with her council, would meet with delegates from the major Gungan cities to discuss a way to amicably resolve the tensions. In a break from typical Naboo transparency, the details were kept closely guarded to prevent “outside influences from disrupting the event”.

Jinx traveled to Theed to investigate the situation incognito, and what he discovered greatly concerned him. Multiple ships, with a swing wing pattern, were seen landing in Theed’s spaceport in the distance during the evening, and individuals were rabidly promoting pro-Rebellion and pro-Imperial propaganda. The following evening, Jinx mingled with the crowds in Theed, nervous and on edge, while the crew at the base waited with nervous tension. He also noticed a series of barricaded and fortified buildings in Theed, placed at strategic locations.

All was going well, with the Gungan delegation arriving and meeting with the Queen in a secure location, when it suddenly went very bad.

Jinx, while getting lunch, heard a massive explosion come from one of the rumored locations of the meeting. While recovering from the shockwave, he saw one female, in perhaps Imperial attire, on a comm-link, making out the words “…Operation….Blockade…” before the crowds erupted into conflict. Open conflict, Human against Gungan, Rebel against Imperial, had come to Naboo.

Suspecting her to be an ISB agent, Jinx tailed her throughout Theed. During his chase, he noticed humans dressed in black uniforms bearing a semblance to Imperial army began deploying sonic weapons to pacify the crowd. Concluding they were riot gear from the Imperial Garrison, he left to track down the female agent.

Meanwhile, at the base, communications were severed with Jinx. Bando and Morag worked to reestablish communications, but realized they were being jammed on a planetary scale. They switched to sensors, and noticed a very large mass of ships entering from hyperspace and heading for Naboo, arriving in orbit within 3 hours. Bando, along with Castus and Athen, suited up in their Clone era armor, boarded the LAAT courier ship, and launched for Theed to evac Jinx. While en route to Theed, they noticed the Imperial base in Deeja Peak spring to life, launching Lambda shuttles and TIE fighters.

Jinx eventually caught up to the female agent, as she and a man in Imperial uniform were defending an elderly Naboo noblewoman from 5 Gungans. Jinx attempted to assist, but was dropped by one of the surprisingly strong Gungan’s blows. He recovered a few moments later, finding the male Imperial and Naboo noblewoman unconscious, and the female Imperial unconscious with a broken arm. He quickly discovered what happened to the Gungans – the black-clad riot control groups were opening fire on the crowds.

Instead of Sonic waves and stun settings, Jinx saw them open up with blaster rifles on full power, and the sonic waves barely affecting humans but crippling, if not killing, Gungans and other aliens. Jinx woke up the male Imperial, sending him and the noblewoman to safety, and carried the female Imperial off “for medical assistance” and interrogation. While fleeing, he noticed TIE fighters taking aim – and being fended off by – the black-clad riot soldiers.

Unarmed, unarmored, and vulnerable, Jinx determined that his best course of action was to head to the Theed police station to rearm himself with his clone armor head in evidence. Bando eventually met up with Jinx, opening up the evidence lock up and retrieving the armor and some credit chips, and evacuated with their prisoner-guest.

While tensely flying out of Theed, Jinx reminisced about how the clone soldiers must have felt during the Clone Wars – the nervous exhilaration as they were rescuing individuals from a hostile theatre, constrasting with his never-quite-right Imperial experiences suppressing uprisings – during which Bando confirmed, with seeming first-hand experience, of “yeah, it was like that”.

Landing in the bunker, they observed with both the naked eye and their sensors the arriving force – 2 Victory-class Star Destroyers flanking a Super-Class Star Destroyer!

Game 15: Predator and Prey

As the ship was pulled to the station, the protagonists prepared to be boarded – an action which never happened.

Once pulled to a lower level shuttle bay on the station, CZ-42 secured the hangar bay and surrounding areas, finding no resistance. The protagonists discovered their area was on minimal power – the main power conduits were severed – and that the station was operating under Protocol T.T.C.R.: Technological Threat Containment Response. A multitude of signals were being sent, attempting to hack both the station and any other connected computer, a malicious action triggering the station’s safety protocols…including a station self-destruct sequence.

The protagonists proceeded through the station, magnetically scaling the elevator shafts to the main level, where they found utter carnage. Bodies littered the area, crushed and broken and pulled apart, technological items smashed into rubble, and cargo and furniture violently thrust about. It was then that the protagonists, in the midst of collecting pieces of a protocol droid, ran into the enemy.

A group of what appeared to be 3 slaves approached them, wearing rags, slave collars, and an odd cybernetic device around their temples. They mindlessly assaulted the protagonists, displaying superhuman levels of resilience, strength, and aggression. Expending a large amount of ordinance, the slaves were taken out, where it was discovered they were cyborgs being controlled to attack, with massive changes to their musculature and adrenal systems.

A few survivors were found – precious few – and CZ-42 tried to reverse hack the signal. Coming very close to having his program overriden, he did manage to pinpoint the source of the signal – a cargo bay on the other side of the ship – and with the help of a native tech named Morag Roark discovered the events leading up to the assault and other survivors.

Discovering that Le’Ara was hunting down a band of Outer Rim slavers and assaulting their captain, they discovered that the cyborgs all came from the same cargo bay as the slaver’s destroyed ship. Most were destroyed, but not before taking out the majority of sentients on the station. They discovered a few key locations were guarded – a Droid/Medical Bay, a bank vault, and a cargo area full of carbonite Twi’Lek slaves.

The protagonists went to assault the source of the signal, and discovered a group of 7 of the cyborgs and what remained of the pirate crew – the captain himself, armed with an Assault Cannon. The protagonists quickly engaged and after a quick firefight proved victorious…but a comrade fell.

CZ-42 left cover to launch a thermal detonator at the cyborgs, thinning their ranks and allowing for the brothers to take up favorable positions. In response, the pirate leader focused fire on the droid, slagging his already damaged droid body…and causing his remaining thermal detonator to cook off, completely destroying the droid.

After CZ-42 was destroyed, the cyborgs were mopped up, and the rest of the survivor’s acquired and cyborgs dealt with by utilizing distance, sniping positions, and creativity in exploiting uncoordinated cyborgs’ weaknesses. The station was looted of supplies, but with time running out the protagonists decided to raid the capital ship bays, acquiring a Marauder-class vessel – oddly registered as a Corporate Sector Authority ship – and making a narrow escape.

Upon reaching Naboo, they discovered that Tolwyn was no longer in command of his Fleet Group – he was being wanted for capital crimes against the Outer Rim Confederacy, and the protagonists contracts with the Outer Rim Confederacy were declared void. Contacting Tolwyn via Miriam, the protagonists set up a meeting on Naboo – Tolwyn refused to discuss the situation over open comms – and Boss Zast was contacted to sell the Marauder ship, after wanting to avoid a repeat of the Wandering Hunter situation.

After the ship was sold – and the PCs 1,875,000 credits richer – the survivors grouped up at the base, catching their breath and enjoying the calm before a storm.

Game 14: Idle Hands

The protagonists joined with Tolwyn’s fleet group as they left to take a circuitous route to the Centrality – Tolwyn favoring a more direct approach, while the other captains appointed by the Outer Rim Confederacy General Command favored a longer, less direct route.

Tolwyn decided to send the protagonists on a side mission to Corellia while the fleet regrouped on the Corellian Trade Spine, with instructions to regroup with the fleet near Junkfort Station within 3 months. After sneaking past warring fleets and finding a smuggler’s run through Corellia’s planetary shields, the protagonists headed to the casino.

At Corellia, the protagonists got involved in some high stakes Sabaac games while they were waiting for an unknown contact at the tables. After spending some credits on game buy ins looking for the contact, Jinx found the contact in the highest game – a familiar if unwelcome face in the mysterious facilitator they initially worked with on Manaan, flanked by his 2 female Twi’lek bodyguards.

Narrowing losing to the mysterious facilitator, Jinx met back with Hexx and CZ-42 with information to share but short 150,000 credits. Shortly afterwards, the facilitator cashed in his owed favor from Jinx and had the protagonists deliver a female Twi’lek to Yag’Dhul station for some unfinished business. Reluctantly agreeing, they departed shortly, but not before discovering that the mysterious facilitator’s relationship with Alwyn and the Outer Rim Confederacy had become slightly estranged for some reason.

The trip to Yag’Dhul was uneventful. Their Twi’lek passenger, Le’Ara, proved to be quite effective on the ship and kept to herself. Upon unloading her on Yag’Dhul, the protagnists stayed near the station, keeping an eye on communications and sensors to try and figure out what Le’Ara was doing.

It didn’t take long – sensors registered a series of explosions on the station, which the protagonists took as their queue to leave. Unfortunately, as they put in the coordinates, Hexx lost control of the ship, as systems began shutting down and the ship was pulled to Yag’Dhul station.


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